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  1. Nothing like a fuse going out just before the bang.
  2. ive used these folks to restore my Studebaker gauges.
  3. I could use those rims for my pickup.
  4. Funny to know folks wanted to “dress” up their cars even back then. Was there a Manny Moe and Jack or equivalent back then?
  5. As @Frank DuVal mentioned, the hog troughs are the main spot they rust. These structural elements are under the door and serve as the rocker panels would do on a steel car. Classic enterprises sells the troughs and many other parts for the Avanti I and II. The frame is the obvious area to look for rust. Also, the A pillar is another place to look. This is the hardest part to spot because it’s covered with vinyl. But if you run your hand down the inside of the pillar and find it to be unusally bumpy underneath it might be a bad sign. Keep in mind that steel will expand as it rusts so it will show itself even if hidden by the vinyl. Look around the windshield to see if there is lifting or cracking. If you’re looking at an R2 Avanti (supercharged) make sure it’s an original. Run the numbers through the forum. They’ll tell you right away if it was born with the R2 specs. As Frank said, the 63-64 are the most desirable years. 63 has the one year only round headlights. Subsequent years had a square bucket with the round light within it. They were built on the Lark chassis so suspension parts are easy to find. Avantis are getting some attention lately. I don’t know what your budget allows for but I would buy a car from someone within the club. A driven vehicle is preferable to one that has been languishing in a backyard or garage.
  6. @MurkyBeef no particular year or model stands out as being problematic apart from age. Obviously the older the car the harder it is to find parts. You’ve picked a good brand to buy. The broader car community has never really embraced cars outside of the big 3 so Studes can be bought for much less. The R series trucks are really great looking trucks. Little hard to find but with any buy, be patient. My personal favorites are the 53-54 C or K models. C models are coupes with a B pillar. K models are hardtop without the pillar at the door. They also built supercharged Hawks and Avantis. If you get a chance to sit in an Avanti it will make you feel like your in a cockpit. They’re quite spectacular. Have a few options and buy the best complete vehicle you can find. The Studebaker community is a tight community. Put the word on the forum and you’ll get an honest opinion about the vehicle. Try to familiarize yourself with the different models so you can narrow your choices down. If you get on the forum my name is Pancho. I can help you there too. Happy to have you on board with an old vehicle. You’ll find yourself cursing while having a smile on your face.
  7. I understand your fascination with Studebaker. I bought a 49 Commander 25 years ago. I’ve since sold it and bought a 53 hardtop 6 years ago. It’s being painted right now and will be back on the road soon. I will echo @SC38DLS suggestions about joining the Studebaker Drivers Club. The forum is free to join. You may want to to narrow your search by finding a specific model you lean towards. Studebaker had a wide range of styling through the years. The parts and knowledge are well supported thanks to the many enthusiasts. Good luck and keep us posted if you make a purchase.
  8. That’s a great photo of he interior! I had a carpentry shop at the end of Union Street. Turns out that Walter M Murphy had his coachbuilding factory in the same location.
  9. In Pasadena you can also find the old Don Lee Cadillac and La Salle dealership as well as the the old Nash dealership.
  10. I love to see when things have been altered for a practical purpose. This rig is cool in capital letters!
  11. I gave up watching this show when Edd left.
  12. I’m looking for the two small pieces of belt line trim at the rear quarter window. I need driver and passenger pieces. Thank you.