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  1. I’m a huge Stude lover. Doing a 53 right now. I have to be honest when I say I’ve never been a fan of the bullet nose. But this is actually well done. It’s the rear quarters that makes it successful.
  2. search this website. Lots of great stories.
  3. Looks like the trucks you’d see in the old Godzilla movies.
  4. In 1941, Exner patented Bob Bourke’s 1940 design when he was fired from the Studebaker account. Makes me wonder how many of his designs were actually his.
  5. My nephew is 29 now and I’ve tried getting him into older vehicles. He’s into 80’s and 90’s cars for kicks but really just likes modern fast cars. I’ve tried
  6. They put the Tri star on the early 53 C/K models. Mercedes sued and Studebaker removed the emblems early in on the 53 run. But it’s a good indicator of an early 53 model.
  7. I can’t argue with the Muppets photo! i loved those old guys on that show. I’ve been practicing ever since. Looking forward to getting a cane so I can shake it at people and mumble some unintelligible thing about kids.
  8. The Hudson Big Boy is on my list of trucks to own. I currently drive a 67 GMC as my daily driver. I’ve had it for 18 years. At some point I kept looking round for something else. I’ve always loved the look of these trucks. Maybe next year I’ll put out an inquiry to see who’s willing to part with one.
  9. TV? Waste of time. So many things to do!
  10. Just today I took a piece of my truck to get color matched. Why? Because I know the name of my paint color but every time I looked it up on line the color was slightly different. Now I don’t have to worry about it. Automotive paint dealers have volumes of books to look through.
  11. Nothing a bandsaw and hand planes can’t do! (A little over simplistic with tongue firmly in cheek) If the wood is intact, templates can be made. If the wood is not intact but body panels are there, templates can be made. From there it’s all craft.
  12. Understood. I’m a furniture make by trade. I restore historic homes and I do work at the Gamble house in Pasadena as well as the Huntington library in San Marino. Wood doesn’t scare me but I don’t have deep pockets to do a full blown restoration on this car. I suppose I would be chasing a rabbit down the hole to try to tackle it.
  13. I can’t help but to think about getting her running and clean her up. Fix the structural things and drive her! Is this feasible with what you’ve seen with this vehicle?