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  1. hi guys , any idea on numbers left of the 51 pontiac sedan delivery at all, not much info on the net, i know production numbers were low, just nice to know, mine and 1 other here in uk, cheers ,steve ,uk
  2. hi guys , someone asked me if i had a tool for a 55 desoto power steering valve set up, not quite sure what he wanted, but said its to stop his steering going to left slightly on its own while standing stil idleingl,he didnt say if valve was new or what, do they do that or can they , not heard of it before, your thoughts ,cheers ,steve
  3. hey lee, had my chevy 350 , sump , inlet manifold , water pump , and rocker covers done , and it stays on, no problem , but powder dont like big heat , so keep off exhaust and those very very hot bits, didnt notice any difference at all apart from looks better than paint, mate even hydro dipped those parts on his and laquered them and still stayed on
  4. cheers jack , thats put my mind at rest, [ for now],steve
  5. hi guys, got my 49 chrysler rear up in the air to check a few things and wondered if when in gear should both wheels be turning, one side does and cant stop by hand, other side does move but nothing like the speed of other side and you can hold by hand, this is in gear and at more or less idle speed, cheers ,steve
  6. a friend of mine just sold a mint fully restored buick 1950 super 2 dr just too good to drive,[ which defeats the object] but anyway it made 50k gbp, at a show ,and now with a collector on its way to australia in the new year, but tough to value being 4 dr aswell, but still a nice driver quality car, easier to value your side of pond than here,
  7. its got a leak when hot,will idle all morning, with no leak but after say 40 miles it really leaks, the sprays over exhaust that makes smoke, looks worse than it is but dont like a pool of oil under it, done the torus seal and main seal once, + sump and side pan gasket ,but its not coming from there,was thinking of putting oil cooler on it, but they dont seem to have them or need them,, looks like it may be between torus bell housing and trans itself, it shows no gasket there nor does one come in the kit, trans guy i went to who does lots of hydros on rolls etc ,said they seal them, poss front pump may be leaking, he said all of them leak and fail quite often, and some bits are not available, thats why i wondered if there is a better box, worth doing as its a pretty rare van, changes gear fine and looked like new inside
  8. hi guys , is there a alternative to a hydramatic that might fit a 51 pontiac flat 6
  9. hi , i think when the box is in front of me on the bench it will all become clearer ,[ i hope ], the pontiac has always been a van, and was nothing left of it inside, but the outside and inner panles were in great shape , so it came from a decent warm state, any rusty bolts just undone with one turn , sand and dust everywhere, but its turned out well, and again , rare over here, seen one other, a mexican type custom job, but not parked next to it yet, cheers
  10. hi guys , just wondering how many of these pontiacs may still be around, got mine last year,runs and drives well , but hydramatic has just started to leak when hot, done it once ,but got to come out again this winter ready for next year,, , not main seal or torus seal, seems to be between mating surface of front pump and bell housing, but it dont show a seal there apart from front pump seal, which i did, , a pic attached from the nec ,nov classic car show, cheers ,steve
  11. hi rusty , myselfe i would have left it alone, dont fix whats not broke type of thing-6v dont worry me nor does pos earth, its just i got it like this , which is a brain teaser in itself,i will crack it though, just not sure how to tackle it ,, bob, 49er, new yorker coupe pretty scarce in uk ,europe, i beleive only one in uk, as far as i know, i think between 1000-1500
  12. yep , your right , did the run up test and took power off solenoid around 14 mph, piston went across and it clonk into 4th, so i know box is ok, got to be that pos earth,, i bought spare sol, gov, and relay just in case, those bits are scarce here in uk, but it does have the breaker box fitted with resistor, [ which it says in 49-50 manual ]next step is a sparky, worth doing as its a new yorker club coupe-8, rebuilt carb last week, and can get that idle down to nearly counting rpm- both the piston leathers were shot, will keep you informed, but i am sure thats going to sort that bit out,cheers again ,steve
  13. thanks guys , will try and get it back to pos ground i think, whoever did it might have thought its for the better, but got to try and figure out now a new pos ground electronic ignition, with a neg ground alternator and a 12v conversion, somebody is testing me out,time to play, but cheers for your time everyone
  14. hi, everything i read describes a relay, so got nos one in from the states, but in manual for a 49 only shows a fused breaker, and resistor box, think the relay could be for a earlier car fused breaker cars are 49-50, i think, but yes you may be correct the + earth would cancle it out the other way,on govenor points
  15. hi there rusty, yes ,i downloaded those booklets and can see what and how it works, but wondered if the switch to neg earth may have a effect on which way earth is now working on the points in govenor next to solenoid, its a mechanical points with govenor doing the pushing to liven or earth the solenoid