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  1. to those who purchased the Herb Royston photos i am looking for photos of two cars. 1922 Series 5 sporting with special order brass trim S#17990/E#6351the car was originally owned by Joseph Herzman till 1949 then Carl Bjelland then Ed Gibes. In 1955 the then owner Carl Bjelland sent color photos to Herb Royston.i have attached Royston's reply and a picture of the car today. At some point the special order brass grill was painted then nickeled. any photos from any point in it history would be helpful. Also looking for pictures of John Roberts series 5 raceabout S#5111 the car
  2. Iva on 2/23/12 you wrote the following in a post "They just were not precious about what parts they had to use when they had to build a car at the end. One 1922 Series 5 Sporting was specifically ordered with bosch electrical units and bress brightwork. The hubcaps read "Mercer 22/72", which is 1916! Obviously they were the only brass ones in the bin when they needed them." Sounds like you are describing a 1922 sporting that i know have.mercer seriel #17990 engine #6351 is green owned for the lats 20 years by Bill Hony and Ed Gibes of WI before that. Is this a car a you are ferm
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