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  1. Hey all, As the title says... Looking for a 1957 Starchief 347 V8 Harmonic Balancer. Either NOS or good used condition. PM me if you've got one or a line on one. I've worked down the standard list of Pontiac parts guys... Ames, All Pontiac, Kanter, Joe Curtis, Kurt Kelsey, CPR... If you've got any suggestions please add them in the comments. Thanks!
  2. Hey all... We've finally received the engine back from rebuild and are chasing down the last few parts. First on our list is a Harmonic Balancer. I've run down the same list of names above and a few more that handle vintage Pontiac parts but no luck. Anyone here have a good used harmonic balancer for a 57 Starchief 347?
  3. I did speak to Joe at one point in my search and he did not have any. I came across Frank with who gave the engine builder the crossover pieces to convert it to pushrod oiling.
  4. PM'd you on FB. Please contact me Jeff. We've been looking for a Rocking Yolk Transmission and you've got two of them.
  5. Looking for one good condition 1970 Olds 15" Hubcap for a 98. PM me if you've got one! After some searching I'm not 100% that this is the correct hubcap for this car so if you know what these were originally on please let me know.
  6. American Castings been in business for 40+ years and specialize just in castings and casting repair. The guy I'm taking to has been running the shop for 30 years. From what I understand the majority of their work is repairing castings and valving for the oil field industry. He obviously doesn't want to commit to anything until he sees the block but he has said if they can't fix it, no one can. They are very experienced in casting repair and says they deal with vintage blocks on a semi-regular basis. With regards to us rebuilding the car... I will humbly say with confidence that can handle it.. We've been in business building pro-touring Custom American Muscle cars and servicing classics for over 10 years and I've been in the business nearing 24 years. This is the first pre-war car we've done though with most of our experience being in 50-60-70s American cars. We build complete cars from the ground up handling everything short of paint work in house. We do all of our own metal fabrication, plumbing, wiring... we can rebuild engines but with everything else we've got going on its easier to sublet that. We build cars that don't exist out of aftermarket parts and spools of wire, so rebuilding a car with parts that are obsolete doesn't scare me much either... we'll find a solution to get it back on the road. With regards to the pockets of the client, this client is willing to spend an appropriate amount of money to take care of these cars for future generations. I do scratch my head sometimes at his choice of cars but he feels like he has the opportunity to preserve vehicles that would otherwise be overlooked by "collectors." Certain cars like this one are special to him and he is willing to spend more to make sure the car solidly drivable; and while he isn't into "paint dot restorations" he makes sure the cars are done right and doesn't cut corners. All of the cars in the collection are able to be driven at a moments notice... shuffling to get them out of the building takes a bit longer! ;-)
  7. Hey all... We are working on a 54 New Yorker Deluxe with an Internal Passage steering gear. We had it rebuilt by a steering gear rebuilder locally and it leaked like a sieve so we rebuilt it again ourselves, fixed a bunch of their issues, plus un-addressed issues, followed the service manual and set up all of the adjustments. The car drove great but after a few days it started leaking decently from the input shaft seal. We pulled it apart and found that the rebuilder had changed out the seal (CR 7443) but looking at the adjustments on the input shaft we are wondering if they put the correct style of seal in. The lash adjustment on this shaft moves it around about .030 which we are thinking would be pretty difficult for a standard lip seal to handle. The service manual shows a seal that looks more like a bushing. We've ordered a parts manual from Faxon but I'm hoping someone will have one handy so I can get a part number for this seal a little quicker. Thanks in advance!!
  8. We've had the conversation with the collection manager and owner about swapping the drivetrain with another vehicle and he has decided to move forward with investigating whether the block is repairable or not. We've found American Castings down in Houston that claims to have several methods for repairing vintage engine blocks including stitching as you've mentioned. American Castings has stated that it really comes down to the quality of the casting, severity and location of the cracks on whether he can repair it or not so we are sending it down to be magnafluxed and allow them to do their inspection to determine if it is repairable. The vehicle is a 1936 Cadillac Fleetwood personal Limosouine that is in immaculate condition other than these drivetrain issues and since the engine has the original block the owner would like to save it if possible. I know you all say that an engine swap is a standard thing with these vehicles but there will never be another point in history where the vehicle will be as original as it is right now if we do swap the engine. It may not be that big of a deal today but in another 20 years it may be a different story.
  9. Excellent Pics!! I found this too late though.. I think we ended up using a 57 Chevy bezel that had the correct thread pitch and machining it down for the depth.
  10. Hey all... We've got the engine for a 1957 Pontiac Star Chief 347 down at the rebuilders and they have two damaged rocker studs that they apparently can't find a source for. The studs are hollow with the rocker oiling coming up through the studs. Anyone have a source or recommendation for NOS Pontiac parts? I've hit the regulars... CPR in Cali, Fusick, Ames, Kanter...
  11. We've located someone in Houston who specializes in repairing cast items including engine blocks and has repaired a good number of antique engine blocks in their 40+ years of being in business. We are going to do what we can to repair this engine block and keep it with the car. With regards to the transmission, since we essentially need all of the internal components, we would love to find a good used transmission to go through and install. And Carl, with regards to your BBCaddy comment I've got a buddy who is a die hard 502 Caddy fan that would wholeheartedly agree with you... The thought was actually suggested around the collection to pull the drivetrain from one of the other "not as special" 36 Cadillacs and put it into this Series 75 if the block is not repairable. If anyone has a lead on a Series 75 Transmission please let me know!
  12. Hey there all... Our latest project is a major drivetrain rebuild on a 1936 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75. The collection we help maintain recently purchased this vehicle and after talking to the previous owner it has been suffering through an overheating problem for the last several owners. Our diag came up with combustion gas in the cooling system so out the engine came. It didn't take long to find several cracks in the block along cooling jackets. This car still has the original engine block so we are working on a few leads for someone that can repair the engine block but are open to referrals if someone else has been down this road. During the dissasembly it became obvious that the engine and transmission had been underwater at some point and both were heavily rusted internally. Several cylinders show pitting where water had puddled and in the transmission nearly every gear and bearing has heavy pitting. The tailshaft and rear mainshaft bearing retainer were filled with the thick gooey pudding like muck you see below. This is the first pre-war Cadillac we've tackled so I'm looking for a good source for internal engine and internal transmission parts and/or someone that would have good used components. Thanks for your time