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  1. I did found on internet someone that provides a gps trackers and gps software. As I see now there both things are needed. Gps vehicle tracking- that's how it calls from gps wox . It is one gps tracker device, that mounts on vehicle, and program software for pc or smartphone. There is also some fuel level detectors, but I do not need that. Maybe someone know anything other tracking services, or have any experience with such a trackers? Any help appreciated
  2. Hi everyone. My car is not something unique, but there is some antiques worth. It is 1975 vw golf gti. First generation orange nice two door car I do share it with some local exhibitors, like racing events or other motorists events:) Now after some bad experience, when it had been scratched doing some improper driving I start to care about some safety. I do get contract that it is required not to drive it for entertainment, just necessary transportation only. The only one option to record any activity is tracking and recording any car movement. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  3. What a nice Opel Ascona. As I remember this model was first car of my dad. He bought it about 1990 year. And this type of Opel server for family for a couple of years. Also it was first car that I had drived in my teenager years