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  1. Hi Roger,


    I have been going through your photos and work, was just looking at them rather than commenting.

    But I feel pressurized to comment after seeing all the hard work and passion you put into this model.

    It looks very realistic and even a company employee will not be able to assemble the car as you are doing.

    Don't you worry about the logo and the small correction as it will be judged on that only by you, nobody else.

    Its an inspiration for me every time to go back to my bench after see your work and improve my standards of work.

    Thanks a lot Roger!



  2. Wonderful work and detailing,its a always a pleasure to watch your build.


    9 hours ago, Roger Zimmermann said:

    For 8 days, due to an outside “repair”, we had no phone, TV nor Internet; very annoying! The positive aspect: I was less distracted and I could spend more time with the model. Many leather trim parts could be painted; this allowed me to install definitively some chrome parts. As usual, when parts are plated, even if the coat is very thin, there can be some problems like I had to insert the A/C levers into their respective slots.

    When parts are covered with leather, even a very thin one, there are also difficulties to assemble elements, even if some play was considered during fabrication. Up to now, I could overcome the difficulties without damages. You see below some elements which are ready or, like the front seat, in preparation. The “cushions” for the seat back are not yet covered with leather, this is the next task. The robe cord for the seat back is also missing, the escutcheons must be chromed first.

    I like the look of the lower door trim panels; I pictured the back of the LH panel; will I be able to connect all those wires?



    906 front seat.JPG

    907 front seat back.JPG

    908 door trim.JPG

    909 many wires.JPG

    911 mirror and sunshades.JPG

    910 controls.JPG


  3. Thanks Roger,Have to try the torch option

    3 hours ago, Roger Zimmermann said:

    Thanks Dileep!

    I'm surprised that your solder get brittle. I suppose you are using soft solder which is a alloy of tin. This type of solder is not very strong unless the soldered surface is consequent. For delicate work, like I did on the hood ornament, you could read that my tentative to soft solder the outer ring ended with a disaster. For that, silver soldering is more suitable, but requires a torch as the melting temperature is about 650-680°C. The inconvenient is that the brass get softer (it is annealed) and can compromise the strength of a part. As you see, a medal has always 2 sides.

    Thanks Roger,have to try the torch option when I again get back to a scale model.Write now I am trying designing with solidworks software,tends to be little easier to change wrong design:)

  4. Roger you are the best.I dont like to always keep on praising you as your work is exceptional and outstanding.The car is coming out as a real one.But the pleasure of seeing it in construction phase is always good rather than seeing the completed one.Then you will feel it as a real car.Nobody will miss roger then.

    How do you solder the parts.I tried in a scale motorcycle I did.but it was the normal electronic soldering I had.Do you use some special solder as I have seen that once the solder dries it becomes brittle.How is it that it remains strong or is it welding that you do?

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