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  1. Thanks Hook. This is the most logical explanation so far. However, it still seems that the spring would be centered without them since it is at the same position on the shaft where the bolts secure the spring, and it cannot move in any direction vertically. Good to know that they are likely not necessary as was told to me by the local Bendix repair owner who has been in business doing these starters since 1958. Merry Xmas to you and your family and all the others that have contributed to this discussion.
  2. I can't seem to find your information for June 2015 under your name for posts you have done! Can you tell me what the purpose of the shims are and what will happen if I do not use them? Since the spring is fixed in place how do the shims provide any purpose? Is it because the shaft might wobble and the shims prevent this from happening? I am totally perplexed as to why they are necessary for the 5/16 shaft size and not on the larger shaft for other Franklin motors - if I am understanding the situation correctly. Is there a concern about the rear bolt tip not seating all the way If I use them? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback and information. After talking to the rebuilder here in Santa Barbara I am going to leave the springs out. This rebuilder has been in Santa Barbara since 1976 and specializes in Alternator, Generator and Starters, They are a great resource for anything to do with these products. He has parts that are impossible to get elsewhere. He said he would not put the shims in because: 1. They affect how deep the front bolt tip will seat in its hold and could cause failure. 2. The spring is in a fixed position due to the fact that it is secured in place by both bolts and does not see that the shims serve any purpose on the shaft. I spoke to Tom Rasmussen about the shims, and he had never seen nor heard of them, and did not understand what purpose they served. The bottom line for me is that unless someone can tell me what purpose they might serve, I am going to try the starter without them at this point. I can always put them in at another time. Thanks again
  4. Thanks for all the information everybody. I was able to get the parts I needed right here in Santa Barbara. A starter/generator shop here since the 1940's, I believe, which has been in the family since that time, had two of the right bolts (I got an extra one). They were in his supply from the time frame of the starter motor's production. The owner said he thought the shims were made by someone, for what purpose he was unsure. He suggested that I remove them since the tip of the front bolt would not be completely inserted in its slot if the shim was used. I am all set.
  5. The front bolt on my 29 coupe starter spring sheared off. I have gotten it out and need to replace it. Where might I get one that has the small tip on it. I have pictures of it and the related parts. However, the picturres I have found do not show the two shims that are under the front and rear spring bolts and I am not sure of how they were situated and what their purpose is. Any ideas? Is there a technical diagram available? See attached picture showing the shims in the way I think they were attached. The one shims was displaced when the bolt sheared and the other fell off when the spring was removed. I would appreciate any insight on this issue. Thanks.