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  1. Wow! Now I see them! Thanks so much for your help! Ted ☺️
  2. Not a bad idea, I've looked at a lot of front and rear bumpers with no luck..... Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, I'll have another look later today. πŸ™‚ Ted
  3. I found these at a Kaiser Frazer 1940s/1950s estate (of course no guarantee that's what they go onto) but no one can identify them. They have part numbers, CB17736 and CB17737 but no luck with them either. All help is appreciated, Ted
  4. Joop, at Stolze Classic Cars, www.stolze classic cars.nl, identified the shocks for us! They go to a 1956 Simca Adonte 1300 Sedan. Our world is definitely getting smaller, an email from Utah and a response from the Netherlands. Pretty cool! Ted
  5. Thanks, Craig. My memory says Simca ended in 1968 after being taken over by Chrysler. Appreciate the help, Ted
  6. πŸ™‚, it's all good, thanks for the help, maybe there's an aficionado in Europe. Again, thanks for the help! Ted
  7. I can't identify this, it appears to belong to a french Simca automobile. There is a number on the box, on one of the inside tabs, 23940 and the german word HAUT. Otherwise there aren't any ID numbers. If there is some way to research what they can be used on I'd appreciate the help. Thank you in advance, Ted
  8. Terrific, thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. Have a great day! Ted
  9. Hello, I've been trying to determine what motorcycle/scooter this goes to but with no success. All help appreciated. The headlight bezel states, Aprilia, ICM1408 PM and the speedo says Veglia and Gilera. See attached pictures
  10. Hi, I cleaned up ( i know it doesn't look that clean but it is) what I think is a hood emblem, possibly 50's 60's, and my first effort has been to research Ford. I can't find ANYTHING, Ford or not. It does not have the normal Ford ID numbering system, the only numbers are 149259 and 7187A. My second effort has gone for naught, all thoughts, comments, etc appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Gentlemen, thank you so very much! Merry Christmas! Ted
  12. I can not identify this set of tail lights. They are a set with the RH one numbered 1960798 DES CP CHR CT Thanks for having a look, Happy Holidays! Ted
  13. Ted L.

    Mirror Logo

    Terrific, thank you so much and I really appreciate your help! Happy Thanksgiving, Ted
  14. Ted L.

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    Of course, let me know if you need another one, I'm restricted to one pic due to size limitations. Thanks for all your help, Ted There is a Canadian 143-20771 and American 181222 pat. # on it and the number M 111 1
  15. Ted L.

    Mirror Logo

    Thanks Mark, checked images online and am still having trouble finding it. Have a great day! Ted