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  1. Mid to late 1930s Chrysler product may fit Plymouth Dodge De Soto and Chrysler Posted yesterday on Buffalo Craigslist for $35 or reasonable offer
  2. Your research is a great help Dave thanks! Now I need to post it somewhere so that a late 30s needy Mopar person can put it to good use.
  3. Can someone please identify this item which I recently found in an attic? I'm guessing automotive before about 1938 or perhaps a pick up truck. I checked a number of shop manual's looking for something with eight bolts but no luck. Thanks!
  4. Thank you Kornkurt for your rapid reply and the good news that I can use the dipstick in either engine! Since the oil pan was off the 8 I was able to see the dipstick Full Mark lining up approximately with the top of the oil cleaner rim. Later with the oil pan back on I added 5 quarts of oil and noticed the dipstick was at the full Mark like it should be. Thanks again for this valuable Flathead Forum
  5. I have a 1937 six cylinder and a 1949 Straight eight but only one dipstick and I do not remember which engine it came from.. Could it be the same for either engine? This is my first attempt to try using this forum hopefully I have submitted my information properly. I do not have either car just the engines with transmissions which are in running condition thanks!