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  1. Article on cleaning parts with electricity is now up on for anyone interested.
  2. Article and Video of a build I did for a gentleman in Austria a while back is now up on

    28 chevy

    What proven options are there out there for intakes / carbs? The head is on a Model T (see for the green thunderbolt engine build) and it freezes up without all the accoutrements I have added. Even with all the methods of heating the car won't move an inch until the engine warms up regardless of choke position.
  4. Article on how to remove a broken head stud has been posted on Hopefully this will help make someone's life easier?!
  5. The green thunderbolt build has been recovered and reposted to
  6. So in an effort to share what I have learned over the last few decades and promote the antique car hobby I have created a new website. The idea of giving back was at the core of that decision. So- if you go to you will find a “free giveaway” contest that you can enter. The prize in this round is something called an “Ampco Top Oiler”. It’s a valuable NOS accessory that injects a small amount of Marvel Mystery Oil into the intake manifold. The purpose is to add lubrication to the top rings and the intake valve stems. There is ZERO cost to enter and ZERO cost to win. I will be paying the shipping out of pocket as well (lower 48 only please – will be shipping USPS flat rate). Round two will begin the moment I ship this prize out. The goal here is to build an archive that consists of part old school print type information and part 21st century video tutorials about various things that car guys encounter. It’s funded solely from ad revenue (page views, video views, and ad clicks all help the cause). As interest increases so will the value of the giveaways. I am hoping to grow this to the point where I can give away something BIG! This venture has started on a budget that consists of negative numbers so I am limited to the inventory left over from Gen III Antique Auto (for now) – mostly T parts and small retail items like the Ampco oilers, Dynabeads, and Timesaver lapping compound. If you have a suggestion for something you would like to win on round two please visit the website, enter the contest, and comment below.
  7. Not to take away from the OP's question but I have a FA2 here that I would like to know how to adjust. Are they the same? Is there a video out there that explains how this brand of carb works? I made a video slide show of how to partially take it apart and clean it but I still don't know what each knob does. My video can be found on my website: