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  1. I have rebuilt a 1926 Stand six. It was not running when I bought it. Trying to start it now. I made sure cam and crank marks were in alignment. Also that the number one piston was top dead center and fly wheel was on properly and marks showing. Just for extra easy marked every thing on the crank pulley and engine block for timing. It will not fire. Have put fuel in cylinders and use starting fluid in carb. New points, condenser, coil, and plugs. E ery thing set to factory specs. But will not fire. Valves are set to .007 cold, book call for 006 to 008 hot. Rechecked all setting several times. I have spark. Any suggestions?
  2. Could some either give me a good link, diagram, or picture of the carb to foot pedal linkage. Need it at the pedal end. It was taken apart about 5 years ago, now I am trying to put it back together. Rod do not line up and want to bind.
  3. Would you have a Bosch Distributor Cap number 65937? I also need a rotor, but have no numbers for same cap. Or do you have any info to cross reference to Aftermarket? thanks
  4. Thanks will try it. Our few days of spring weather has gone winter is back. Will let you know how that works.
  5. It will not allow me to shift into another gear without grinding, will not engage. When up on blocks with no drag on wheels can shift through gears with not problem at all. With car a dead stop can shift into any gear. I think it maybe the "clutch brake" not working. Had just put new disc in clutch. The pad for the Clutch Brake appears to be new.
  6. Ok, Now have the clutch somewhat working. When I have it up on blocks can go through the gears smoothly. When trying to drive it, It will not shift under a "load".
  7. These are pictures of the transmission.
  8. Can anyone identify the manufacture of the transmission? It is in 1923 Chandler Chummy. Don't think it is the correct one. The number is 576. Logo appears to be an AR.
  9. Jerry I now have this 1923 Chandler. Can you give me any info on it. Did it have a clutch and transmission. There is not way this will shift. Been throw the clutch and transmission twice. I did get some info on the DX clutch. It is adjusted to all the specs. But won't shift. I am wondering if I have a miss match of clutch and transmission.
  10. I have a 1923 Chandler Chummy. Does any have any information as to what model Borg Beck Clutch belongs in it? Also what brand/model number of transmission? Over the years it has traveled through many hands. No way will it shift gears (heavy grinding and won't engage. I cannot locate transmission name. Maybe a model 576 manufacture AR? It has a Borg Beck clutch in it now. Been through it twice now. I have the 1/2 inch space between the transmission brake and collar. I also have the 2 3/16 inch distance between the face of the collar and face of clutch plate. Acts like it is not releasing from the spline shaft. Any ideas?
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