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  1. If I recall, I purchased from Inline Tube via EBay. They worked great!
  2. I had the Pertronix in both of my classics and they are great. I also had the ignition coil. I did burn one out in my 66 Impala and that was a lesson learned. Did it while troubleshooting radio issues. I believe the future generations of Pertronix added some circuitry to protect against that from happening. I believe in the product but I am too young to know anything about points ignitions. Chris
  3. No cable linkages are needed. This is purely wires, 12V and ground. I include 24 inches of each wire with the connectors. Chris
  4. Hey all, I made a complete kit for adding the kickdown back to those who lost it after adding an Edelbrock carb. It was designed using my 64 Riviera as a model but it works on all cars with Edelbrock Performer/AVS2 and TH400's. Includes all wires and connectors. $32.00 shipped Thank you Chris
  5. According to this link and psychostang's comment, this master cylinder will work. Hope this helps. Chris
  6. Okay last item...don't foresee myself using this anytime soon. In the image, you can see the "snout" length. It's .7625" from surface to edge of snout. Don't mind the location of my calipers. I was taking a picture of the measurement read out. From what I have read, there are two different styles fr the first gen Riviera and this is the one that fit my 64. This is brand new, still in the box. AC Delco PN 18M1025. Selling for $85.00 shipped from CA. I believe they are usually around $100.00 or more after shipping. Thank you! Chris
  7. I swear I replaced mine with 3/8". Chris
  8. It could be the pump. My car was sporadically driven and the fuel pump (original to the car) finally gave up one day without warning. Fortunately it happened in the garage. I believe the internal pieces just gave up and crumbled inside the pump lever arm area. I picked up a Carter unit and it immediately fired up after a lengthy prime. It's fairly easy to access but I would start with seeing if you get fuel in the places gungeey pointed out.
  9. THIS ITEM IS SOLD. Hey guys, another item just taking up room. This was the original TH400 pan from my 1964. I replaced with one that has a plug. Not sure of fair market value so I'll ask $SOLD. Thank you Chris
  10. SOLD Hey guys, I've got some upper and lower control arms for the front of a 1964 Riviera. They'll fit 63-65. I'm asking $SOLD$ shipped from CA. Thank you Chris
  11. I did the passenger side because it was leaking. I did it without lifting the motor BUT it was a royal pain in the butt. I left the other side alone because it was fine. Good luck! Chris
  12. Selling 4 Appliance Wire Wheels with 3-bar Spinners. Rotolug wheels with Ford (???) and Buick (5x5) lug nuts These are in excellent condition. No pitting, no curb rash. They're almost brand new looking! I have the other two Riviera stickers for the spinners as well. I am not going to be using these, so I'd like them to go to a good home. $1300.00 shipped. Wheels will be individually shipped in double wall boxes. Thank you Chris
  13. The subject line is vague, I know but I don't know how else to describe it. I 3D printed one a while ago and recently found it in my junk stash. I put it aside because it couldn't be used with the silicone hoses that I bought. I still have the design on my computer, I think and I could make them for people that need them. I waneed to see if there was any interest. BTW, the original part is out of my 64.
  14. I've been using Super Tech Heavy Duty SAE 15W-40 Motor Oil. It's got a high concentration of ZDDP according to the datasheet and comparing that number with other brands/types. I haven't seen any negative effects with it in Southern CA climate. Chris
  15. Man, I wish I had known you were in the area sooner. I lived in Carmel Mountain but still work in Carlsbad. So I'm doing the commute. Fortunately, it's not as bad as Pre-COVID. I hear you on the maintenance. I have a log and it surprises me how much time goes by from one maintenance day to the next!
  16. I'm up in Temecula (live in San Diego up until two years ago) and we had ash on our cars this morning. I need to get my car out but it's been way too hot. I'm glad you got your issue sorted. I have the Edelbrock 1411 and I had some issues last week. It turned out I didn't let it fast idle long enough for it to warm up fully. Choke closed up and I couldn't get it started until I manually opened the choke back up. We are definitely spoiled by this "cold" start weather. Chris
  17. I use Moog and that's the only brand I'll buy. I recently refreshed my front end with Moog parts. No complaints. Chris
  18. I'm not at home and I need to place the order. Otherwise, I would consult the manual. Besides, if we all just went straight to the manual, we wouldn't encourage dialog on the forum! I hope this thread, along with my other threads, helps someone out down the road. Chris
  19. Thank you all! Ed - I've got both manuals and I do work on my own car. Do I think I'm good enough too...probably not as good as some...but it keeps me busy. Chris
  20. Spoke too soon... I need the pan to block bolts. Not the drain bolt. Chris
  21. Thank you! I googled it but nothing came up for specifics. I will use part geeks next time. "Teach a man to fish..." Chris
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