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  1. Thanks to all. I believe that I have what I need now.
  2. Thanks Bill... I’ll run this down. By the way you will see the same post on the WOKR website. Thanks again.
  3. Looking for information on a Stromberg LB-1 Carburetor. Does anyone have literature with diagrams or showing the various adjustments? This is on a 20 Elgin. Thanks for any information or leads. Merry Christmas all.
  4. The REO has a nice support group as well. The club has many resources for parts. The 21 REO above only has 39,000 actual miles on it and doesn't need anything. Just enjoy. Thanks.
  5. This very nice 21 REO Touring is still available. Christmas is just around the corner and this would make a nice Christmas gift.... just saying.... Thanks.
  6. Sandow, Here's a '21 REO Touring model T6 for your consideration. This car only has 39,000 actual miles and I am the 4th owner. I have the full history on the car. It left the factory on July 17, 1921. I am selling to pursue a 24 REO that my dad owned back in the mid 70's. Unfortunately I don't have space for both cars. I am still in the work force (not retired) and live in the Chicagoland area. I also have an enclosed car hauler that I transport the car in. Not a guarantee, but delivery of the car may be possible. I am asking $24,000 but I would entertain reasonable offer
  7. Pete, Do a search on eBay using the name Elgin. I have an Elgin car and search for Elgin items daily on eBay. There are some 8 day clocks currently for sale. Good luck.
  8. Chuck, As time permits, I would appreciate you checking. No rush as it looks like not many shows are going to happen this season. Thanks. Rodger.
  9. Chuck, I realize this is an older post, but do you still have the radiator cap? I'm looking for a cap that is 14 threads per inch. Thanks.
  10. Looking for at least 1, but would consider more of the exact LHT lug nut as shown in the picture. I have found some RHT but still looking for LHT. Thanks
  11. Yes Ben.... I was there. That was a great day. Thanks.
  12. Entertaining reasonable offers. Delivery may be possible, depending on location. Thanks.
  13. Located in the Chicagoland area. 39,000 actual miles. I am the 4th owner. $24,000 I will entertain reasonable offers. The only reason for selling is that I have found the antique car that my dad owned when I was in high school and need the room to pursue that car.
  14. Philip, Here's a car for your consideration. This is my car and I am selling to pursue another car (limited garage space). Although my car is currently located at the Volo Auto Museum, my agreement/contract is expired and I can pick the car up at any time. I have an enclosed trailer that I haul my cars in, so transporting the car to your location may be something that I would consider, depending on your location. Obviously, in the link below Volo has the car listed high enough to cover there commission. If you have an interest give me a call at 708-259-0298 or email to wilson1
  15. Where are the cars physically located? I would be interested in pictures of the 18 Reo. If you prefer to email them you can send them to wilson1rodger@comcast.net. Thanks.
  16. For sale '22 Overland Model 4 Touring. $16,000 in the Chicagoland area. I have an enclosed trailer and could negotiate delivery if needed. Call Rodger at 708-259-0298 before 9pm central time. http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/car-of-the-week/car-of-the-week-1922-overland-model-4-touring Thanks for looking.
  17. Send me an email to wilson1rodger@comcast.net. I have a '22 Overland Touring and I had a guy contact me with a bunch of stuff. With your email address I can forward the emails that he sent to me with all the information and pictures.
  18. I am a member of WOKR and we actually have a regional meet in New Ulm MN starting on Thursday this week. I'll make some inquiries while I with some of the folks. But my original inquiry was about a different manufacturer from the teens. Thanks.
  19. Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate your insight.
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