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  1. Mother's Day is this weekend.... there's still time.
  2. Mothers Day is just around the corner.... I'm sure that she would love it. Just saying.
  3. I think that this would be better than flowers for your Valentine.... I'm sure that I couldn't get by with that, but perhaps someone out there could. 😀
  4. Yes Ben.... I was there. That was a great day. Thanks.
  5. Entertaining reasonable offers. Delivery may be possible, depending on location. Thanks.
  6. This would make a nice Christmas gift..... just saying.
  7. Located in the Chicagoland area. 39,000 actual miles. I am the 4th owner. $24,000 I will entertain reasonable offers. The only reason for selling is that I have found the antique car that my dad owned when I was in high school and need the room to pursue that car.
  8. Philip, Here's a car for your consideration. This is my car and I am selling to pursue another car (limited garage space). Although my car is currently located at the Volo Auto Museum, my agreement/contract is expired and I can pick the car up at any time. I have an enclosed trailer that I haul my cars in, so transporting the car to your location may be something that I would consider, depending on your location. Obviously, in the link below Volo has the car listed high enough to cover there commission. If you have an interest give me a call at 708-259-0298 or email to Thanks.
  9. Where are the cars physically located? I would be interested in pictures of the 18 Reo. If you prefer to email them you can send them to Thanks.
  10. For sale '22 Overland Model 4 Touring. $16,000 in the Chicagoland area. I have an enclosed trailer and could negotiate delivery if needed. Call Rodger at 708-259-0298 before 9pm central time. Thanks for looking.
  11. Send me an email to I have a '22 Overland Touring and I had a guy contact me with a bunch of stuff. With your email address I can forward the emails that he sent to me with all the information and pictures.
  12. Sent you an email with some information. Thanks.