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  1. True barn find, in storage since 1965 in Sedalia, CO. 1 owner car. It was parked due to the cluster gear in the transmission having no teeth on the second gear. A new old stock cluster gear was found in Australia and now the car starts, runs and drives great. The body is all original with only a small rust spot. All the wood is original and like new except the running boards were replaced with new ash. The interior is ready to be replaced. All new glass was installed. Tires are like new with all the wooden spokes in great condition. A new upgraded radiator was installed but still has the original honeycomb radiator for car shows. This car has been gone through for all essentials, driveline, brakes, electrical and cooling. Car is ready to be a rat rod, do a restoration or just leave it with the patina and have fun driving.
  2. I am replacing all the windows in my 1923 Buick. The windshield was "easy" but I am struggling with the side windows. I am lubricating the compression rubber strips but when I press in the glass its destroys the rubber. I have used WD40 and then soapy water but still have issues with the rubber getting wrecked. Any suggestions? Travis
  3. I have a 1923 Buick 23 Series 4 cylinder sedan with a stock radiator. I have a Motometer but I do not have a radiator cap for the Motometer. I measured the diameter of the radiator neck - 2.1" OD. I have checked with traditional parts places for a replacement but everything they can get me is 2" OD. Any suggestions on a cap replacement? I can find nothing on ebay. Thank you. Travis
  4. Carbking Thank you for your post. I will check to see if it was happening when it was running. I saw it when I shutdown the motor and assumed that it was over-flowing when it was running. This car is gravity fed, no electric fuel pump.
  5. I have a 1923 Buick 4 cylinder with a Marvel carburetor (case stamping is "R" and "65-1") that has a fuel leak out of the top of the carb. This happens when it is running or not. I pulled the carb and inspected the needle and the seat and didn't see any obvious issues. #1 Is there such a thing as a rebuilt kit? If so can you point me to where? #2 Any suggestions to help the needle seal? #3 Is the float not putting enough pressure on the needle? Suggestions for a replacement. #4 Any other suggestions? Thank you for any help. Travis
  6. I have a 1923 Buick 4 Cyl that has a bad transmission. I found a very old post about a pre-war Buick transmission and by good luck he still had it. He sent these pictures. I know that the transmission lock started in 23 but this one looks different than my car - specifically the speedometer casing. Can anybody tell me what this transmission is from? Thank you Travis
  7. I am working on my 1923 series 23, 4 cylinder sedan and have a transmission that is bad. I am trying to come up with multiple options to fix this, new transmission and replacement parts for the cluster gear set and U-joint assembly. Has anybody ever considered replacing the stock transmission with a 39 Ford? I know this is blasphemy but I am trying anything. I mocked it up and I think I can make it work. The plan would be to take the Ford U-joint knuckle, cut it off and weld it to the Buick U-joint that mates to the drive shaft. Then take the Ford flywheel and drill/cut/shim ect. and mate it to the fly-wheel housing of the Buick. Obviously make mating plates on each side and then engineer multiple parts to ensure correct length dimensions. Everything on the Ford is smaller than the Buick so it would not be impossible to make fit. Again I know its wrong but wanted to check to see if anyone had ever heard or considered the same. It would make this car great to drive because of the synchronized 2nd gear of the Ford.
  8. Hugh Sorry missed this, was knee deep in working on the car - I do not know but will check cowl lights show up on Ebay frequently. There are 2 different styles. One with the bolt that comes straight out, and the other comes out at an angle. Do you know which one you have, or are you missing both?
  9. I have a 1923 Buick with a four cylinder that has a bad transmission. I am looking for the cluster gears, specifically the counter gear. As well the transmission end plate or the whole U-bolt assembly. Some pictures for reference. If there is a full transmission for a 4 cylinder out there that would be ideal. Discussing with Leif he has pointed out that I can use 1922-1924 4 cyl. gears and some 1925 6 cyl.Std. gear parts. He also mentioned that some 1926-1927 Std.gear parts will work with some changes. Asking for any help for any of these options. I have multiple other part needs for my 1923 as well. These are not critical parts just nice to have: - Drivers & Passenger front fenders - Parking lens - Drivers side door handle - really any 1923 door handles - Passenger side window regulator - looks like I can make the rear passenger window regulator work with some engineering - Distributor (really just need the cap and wires, including coil wire) Email is travisgraham@hotmail.com Cell - 303-330-6794 Travis Graham
  10. Leif Thank you for responding, I have been reviewing this forum, your expertise and knowledge is amazing. I hope to continue further conversations. I am keeping this car as it was found with the focus to keep it as original as possible. Finding original or NOS parts for this car is challenging so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. The parts pictures you sent, where can I purchase this information? I have multiple projects on this car (see below for list of current projects) that it would help to know what years of cars and parts I can use to fix. GM and Buick seemed to be using many of the same parts, do you know if this is the case? I looked at Ford parts and the cluster gear is very similar but finding gear ratio's for the 23 is difficult. I can measure but I am concerned of tolerances. - Front Fenders - These seem to be impossible to find for a 4 cylinder and then I realized that the 6 cylinder fenders will not work. I can fix the drivers side but the passenger side is rough. - Parking lens - any options from other years? - Drivers side door handle - I can find pre-war 1920 handles but most are not the correct style. - Passenger side window regulator - the system they engineered with the bicycle chain is really well put together but a bit complex. I have already made the gears and the spring plate and hope to have the cover made out of billet in the coming weeks. I would rather replace with original or NOS but have not been able to find anything. Are there any alternative options you can suggest - car years or different manufacturers? - Distributor (really just need the cap and wires, including coil wire) - I made my own wires to get the motor running but the distributor that was on it does not seem to to be original I know as I get further into this I will find other surprises but the list above will keep me busy for the next few months. Tack Leif. Travis
  11. Sorry for the long rambling, need help to get this really beautiful car on the road. I bought this great car from the original owner, the car had been sitting in a barn since 1965. Couldn't get an answer why it had been parked - read below to find out. Took it to my garage and started the process of tearing it down and planning next steps. The interior wood is amazing, it looks new! There is only one very small rust spot on the body, otherwise it is perfect. Took a few weeks to focus on the engine and got it running perfect. The generator and starting system is makes this car. The next step was the rest of the drive-train. Tested the transmission and discovered an issue with second gear. Pulled the transmission, took it apart to see what was wrong. The cluster gear set was bad, specifically the counter gear - see pictures. I also found that the end plate that attaches the U-joint assembly had been aggressively assembled which I think is why the transmission had its issues. I need help on next steps. Lots of questions so anybody who can help I greatly appreciate it. - Are there places to find cluster gear set parts? - Are there places to find U-joint assembly set parts? I think I can make a sleeve but would rather get a replacement. - I am looking for any 1923 transmission replacement for sale? - I have found a couple 1924 6 cylinder transmissions, are they the same? I believe the gear ratio's are different but are the parts I need compatible? If the seller does not know where the transmission came from how can you tell? This car is amazing and I don't want to start to engineer alternatives. Please help me any way you can. Travis Graham (303) 330-6794
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