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  1. Brian Hounsell

    1949 Buick parts

    Auburn:Need coupe rr. Fender(s),spear(s). Thanks.
  2. Brian Hounsell

    '49 Frame and steering needed

    Thanks for your research and response. Thinking about the frame rails mostly. Recently found 2 '49 Oldsmobiles buried in the earth and snow and could see that frame rails are similar-not the same, and steering boxes very different.
  3. Brian Hounsell

    '49 Frame and steering needed

    Does anyone know if '49 Buick frame is same as '48-'9 Cadillac and Olds? Can I switch steering boxes and linkages, and if yes, does anyone have anything available? Thanks!
  4. In '48-'9,'50 How did Olds and Cadillac divisions make room for the V8? They must have used a different steering box than Buick. Have box from '49 Buick-it's in the way.
  5. Brian Hounsell

    1947-1978 Buick parts

    Rear fender stainless for '49 Sedanette?
  6. Brian Hounsell

    Wanted: 1956 Imperial wire wheels and other parts..

    I have a couple of wire wheels,1nos cap,hornring(may be Desoto),grilles chrome ring that may be clock housing. Brian