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  1. Ive been just answering ads from people looking to rent. I have also asked friends of mine for help. I was referred to a place called Pine Valley storage by a friend and a I called Monday and they had 5 spaces 10x20 I waited for my pension deposit to post to my bank account the cost was reasonable they had security the day my deposit posted I went right over there to get one of the 5 spaces well guess what they said we are so sorry all 5 were rented yesterday! The owner of the facility who struck me as a decent man said yeah we NEVER rented 5 car sized spaces in one day before.
  2. Well I have replaced a lot of crappy Walmart furniture with antique furniture I bought from craigslist and its been a mostly good experience. I bought some beautiful needlepoint armchairs (4) for my living room for only $150! However this experience looking for garage space OMG! I have never dealt with such incompetent's or shady individuals in my life and as a former law enforcement officer I try to steer clear of such people.
  3. Where in heaven do you live and where is the garage located?
  4. No just snail mail and its been more SNAIL than MAIL!
  5. I live in the northeast Philadelphia area and am looking for a garage to store one of my antique cars. I am interested in the northeast area or Bensalem. I have 3 cars but I only need space for one. The 3 cars are all insured and driveable the biggest one is a 1955 Packard 400 the smallest one is a 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible I also have a 1940 Packard. Don't even refer me to craigslist because after communication with some of the incompetents who posted garage available only to find out they were still occupied or the owner was out of town and we could not meet I am ready to pull my hair out. I am a retired police officer on disability so the price must be reasonable.
  6. The one i saw at Hershey in 2015 was truly SPECTACULAR it was a Darrin-bodied towncar.
  7. i was wondering if there is any car club specifically for Belgium's premier make of car Minerva. I saw one at Hershey (It was the first one I ever saw} and was truly impressed.
  8. You know its funny; my mother worked for Philco in the 1950s and early 60s (until she married my dad had me and became a stay at home mother-you remember those. Anyway I was able to find Arts phone number and left him a message. Apparently he is still active.
  9. Can someone explain to me why Carlisle was held and Hershey was canceled?
  10. I own a 1940 Packard 180; as with most cars this age the radio does not work. Can any member recommend someone in southeastern Pennsylvania (or the three adjoining states )who could restore this radio to operation.
  11. I recently went on vacation to a location in an oceanside community. While there I noticed the air conditioning units (which had only been installed a few years ago) had a very heavy coating of surface rust undoubtedly caused by a salt air environment. I wondered if there was any machine that could remove the salt from the air while old cars are in storage in such an area (since I have allways wanted to move to a beach community.
  12. When I bought the car it already had an 8 volt battery in it, when I buy a car I always replace the battery first so I put a brand new interstate 8 volt battery.
  13. Well like I said I do not really drive the car on a regular basis so it sits from time to time. The previous owner had installed a 8-volt battery and set up the voltage regulator to support it but I find I usually have to charge the battery up the day before I start it up and take it out on the road; and that is even after installing a disconnect switch on the battery which resembles a knife switch which I almost always throw to the off position before leaving the car in the garage.
  14. Recently I purchased a 1940 Packard 180. It is a very original car and as befits a car of its status it has many accessories including radio, foglights, heater and defroster backup lights and numerous lights in the dashboard and courtesy lights. It runs like a champ most of the time, but the charging system seems to have a hard time charging up the battery; admittedly I have not driven it a long distance (over 100 miles) yet. At some point a previous owner had the voltage regulator tuned to accept a 8 volt battery instead of the original six-apparently he was having an issue with it as well. I recently had a friend inform me that there is a company on the west coast making a device called the GenerNator. I just wanted to get some feedback from people that may already have this setup.
  15. When I was a young lad over 50 years ago I used to watch TV among my favorite shops were The Untouchables with Robert Stack, Star Trek, My Mother the Car, the Munsters and the Adams Family. I was always intrigued by the vintage autos that would show up in these shows. I wonder if anyone ever made a book about these cars and where they are now. I distinctly member a chase scene on the untouchables using of all things a Duesenberg J!
  16. I am looking to add an air conditioner to my 1955 Packard since it is a driver I plan to go with an aftermarket unit I saw this one made by Classic auto air does anyone out there have this unit and if so are you satisfied with it?
  17. One question I have always had when mounting a trunk on the trunk rack of a 30's car how is it held in place?
  18. I was looking to have some chrome mouldings replated for my car. There is a plater in my hometown called Frankford plating; depending on which reviews you read they are either the best chrome platers in the business or the worst I wanted to get some opinions before I take the parts to them.
  19. Does anyone reproduce Pilot Ray driving lights?
  20. No, I do not own one as of yet but I would like to!
  21. Is there a car club specifically for Minerva automobiles? They were made in Antwerp, Belgium and were know as the Belgian Rolls-Royce.
  22. Well I took my 55 Packard for a drive today and all of a sudden the car start running rough then backfiring and then it just plaint quit i pulled over to the side of the road and could smell gas when I popped the hood and although I dont have my spark plug removal tool with me I am sure when I pull the plugs maybe tomorrow they will be fouled. My question is have any of the members out there dealt with this shop they are in Blackwood NJ (they used to be in Collingwood NJ)?
  23. Well I thank you guys for all your advice but I think I have someone I can trust the car with. State auto body has been in business since 1964 and I stopped by their shop a couple of days ago with my car and asked for an estimate. I saw some of their finished work and it looks like they know what there doing they don't specialize in car restoration but they did I 1965 Ford Mustang a few years ago and it looks great. They quoted me a price of $6000 and promised me that I would be happy with the results. The two men who work there one is an old time bodyman who has over 50 years of experience and his son well i went to grade school with him! Here is a photo of the car as you can see the primer is bleeding through the front fender in this picture; its is also bleeding though on other parts of the car.
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