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  1. Hi Tom, I was not able to make to the auction but I did bid on the items online, however I bid as much as I could afford and lost both lots, not sure who ended up winning them, I just know it was a floor bidder. As for the restoration, I have not made much progress, I recently purchased a home so most of my funds have been tied up in that. Hoping to get some things sold off this year and focus more on the Bell. I will probably create another thread documenting progress on it once I have time.
  2. It is sad. On the bright side, I live in the York area so my Bell will be staying local. And I've already decided if I moved out of the area I would try to put the car on loan at the York Industrial Museum (provided it is complete enough at that point to do so).
  3. I talked with Fred briefly before leaving Hershey. He told me the current owner is in negotiations with the Boyertown Museum as they are looking at purchasing the car. I did not get much other information from him as he was busy packing things up into his trailer. I appreciate all of the help you have given me thus far, and I'm sure I will have more questions for you in the future as this project progresses.
  4. From what I have found it appears from 1916-1919 model years the model number was designated by the last two digits of the year. Later models were designated by three digit number the first being the number of cylinders. The second two I am not so sure about, it doesn't appear to be horsepower as the ads I have found say the car had 36hp. I have also found an ad for a Bell "four-thirty" that furthers my assumption that it's not referring to horse power.
  5. Hi dibarlaw, Thank you for the reply, I have been to the museum but that was before I had actually purchased the car. I am planning on going back to see if they have any resources or information that may help. Hi Terry, Thank you for the reply. Yes, he has (provided he is who I believe he is). I have already talked with him and he gave me all of the information he had, albeit not much more than I already had due to the fact that there is little info available. The Bell he worked on is also a different model than the one I have so I unfortunately cannot just look to it to figure out how mine goes back together.
  6. Hello All. Over the summer I purchased this Bell Motor Car at an estate auction in Mifflinburg, Pa. There is not much in terms of parts to the car. I have the body (minus one door), the seats, most of the top frame, and what I am hoping is one front and one rear fender that actually belong to the car. I have also recently purchased a 4cyl Herschell Spillman engine for the car. I am looking to put this car back together so I am looking for any information or pictures anyone may have as I have pretty well exhausted my search online. First things first, I need to figure out what the exact year of the car is so I can have it titled properly here in PA (we are thinking it's a 1921 model, but I would like to be sure) . I have attached a picture of the data plate which reads Car No: 14102 Model: 4 32. Some background info on what I have found so far. The Bell Motor Car company was located in York, Pa and existed from 1915-1921. The company was more of an assembler than a producer (they built the bodies and bought the rest of the parts (engine, trans, etc.) elsewhere). There are two other Bell cars known to exist, one up in Barrie Ontario Canada (as Barrie Carriage company was licensed to produce Bell bodies), and one in York, Pa. Both of those cars are 1917 models and the bodies are slightly different from the one I own. I have found some old ads and some information surfing the web but not much solid information to go off of so if anyone out there happens to have some old pictures of the car, factory, old ads, or any pertinent information please let me know.