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  1. Hello everyone, hope you're having a great day! Can anyone tell me what motorcyle does this replica represent? The year and brand? Someone told me it was a harley davidson but i cant find this model anywhere. If someone could help me i would really appreciate it. Thank you so much. Jéssica Lemos
  2. LJess

    Fire truck?

    Thank you for the advice, but I'm not trying to sell them. I'm working on an environmental exposition and I'm exploring subjects as cars pollution and their evolution through time. I only want to have big pictures of real car models that can be comparable to the replica's to help people imagine the greatness of the cars and the time that I'm talking about, I don't want them to look at them as toys, but as a memo of those periods of time. But thank you for the advice anyway
  3. LJess

    What is it?

    Hello! Could anyone give me some information about this vehicle's replica? Thank you very much!
  4. I have some doubts about this car, aparently looks like a beetle to me, but there is something about the headligths and the way they come out of the hood that I cant find match. Does anyone has other opinion? Thank you very much.
  5. LJess

    Fire truck?

    Would it be acceptable to compare to Baby Stutz fire truck? Thank you very much
  6. Does anybody know what kind of vehicle does this replica represents? Any idea about the year? Brand? Model? Any kind of information ? Thank you very much!
  7. Does anybody know what kind of vehicle does this replica represents? Any idea about the year? Brand? Thank you very much!
  8. LJess

    What vehicle?

    Thank you very much!
  9. LJess

    What vehicle?

    What era are we talking about? 19xx-19xx?
  10. Of course! But anyway thank you very much!
  11. Thank you very much But don't you think the one you say it's a Ford looks more like a Chevrolet? http://www.classic-car-history.com/1947-1955-chevy-truck.htm
  12. LJess

    Fire truck?

    Does anyone has any idea of which vehicle this replica represents? The year of it? Brand? Any kind of information? Thank you very much
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