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  1. My 1951 8 cyl has a Fram oil filter mounted on the block. I noticed one of the oil lines, which are original, had a bad place on it so I removed all the lines and left the filter in place. I've had a problem finding the original type and length lines and have been running with the factory oil cleaner in the mean time. The book says that's ok but I would feel better with the filter working again. Anybody know where I can get replacement lines? Also, a few days later I noticed the lines have different size bores on each end. I don't remember exactly how they hooked up and suppose there's a good reason for the different size and should go back a certain way, or does it matter? Thanks.
  2. I'm beginning to see through the fog. I'll give it a try. Thanks to both of you.
  3. I have a couple of inches of play in the steering of my '51. I'm a little hesitant to try to adjust it since it's something I've never done before and what's in the book is confusing. Any advice?
  4. I'm trying to identify a strange noise coming from the straight 8 of my '51 Chieftain. It's not a constant, steady sound like a bad rod but higher pitched and comes and goes. I've disconnected the fan belt but the noise is still there so it's not water pump or generator. Is it possible that the timing chain has stretched and is scraping something or a bushing in the distributor is going bad? It's from the engine and not back in the clutch like a throwout bearing. It's a new one to me and don't know where to start looking. Thanks.
  5. No, it was a '52. Had a photograph.
  6. While browsing on an internet site I noticed an ad for "A 1952 Ford Skyliner Crown Victoria." for sale. I was not aware that such a car had been produced. The seller claimed it was very rare and only 100 were made. The picture showed what appeared to be a '52 Victoria with a plexiglass top as from a '54. It did not say who actually produced the top but the impression left was that it had been made by Ford. I don't know, maybe Ford did produce a Crown Victoria glass top in '52, but I've never heard of one and could be wrong. I have no interest in the car one way or the other just curious. Any feedback? Thanks.
  7. Anybody know a place that sells/installs 6 volt air conditioning? Don't want to change to 12 volt.
  8. Who makes the best condenser for a '51 straight 8 and what is the modern part number? Thanks.
  9. Hey, I think we found something. Maybe somebody will recognize that code and narrow it down. I think that refers to a type of safety glass with sticky stuff between two plates of glass. I still put my nickel on early GM... Well, it was fun. Good luck.
  10. Sorry, Vince. I didn't make myself clear. I meant that suicide front doors were becoming popular on many other models but was not the door in question. Good luck.
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