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  1. No, it was a '52. Had a photograph.
  2. While browsing on an internet site I noticed an ad for "A 1952 Ford Skyliner Crown Victoria." for sale. I was not aware that such a car had been produced. The seller claimed it was very rare and only 100 were made. The picture showed what appeared to be a '52 Victoria with a plexiglass top as from a '54. It did not say who actually produced the top but the impression left was that it had been made by Ford. I don't know, maybe Ford did produce a Crown Victoria glass top in '52, but I've never heard of one and could be wrong. I have no interest in the car one way or the other just curious. Any feedback? Thanks.
  3. Anybody know a place that sells/installs 6 volt air conditioning? Don't want to change to 12 volt.
  4. Who makes the best condenser for a '51 straight 8 and what is the modern part number? Thanks.
  5. Hey, I think we found something. Maybe somebody will recognize that code and narrow it down. I think that refers to a type of safety glass with sticky stuff between two plates of glass. I still put my nickel on early GM... Well, it was fun. Good luck.
  6. Sorry, Vince. I didn't make myself clear. I meant that suicide front doors were becoming popular on many other models but was not the door in question. Good luck.