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  1. Do you have rear calipers available?
  2. Rock auto no longer has this item but did find them at Arizona Parts NOS. Thank you all for your help.I always know where to go for info. Coco
  3. Anyone have advice on getting reconditioned treat calipers for my '89 TC? My mechanic can't find any new ones and won't put on used ones unless they are reconditioned. I actually have them on my old '91 but they are used.
  4. Yes, just had the odometer fixed too so now I know how far I go. Still have stalling occasionally but not as often.
  5. My mechanic already cleaned air flow sensor and got fault codes...still issues. He will have the car again this week and keep checking things. Could this happen if you're driving in OVERDRIVE all the time? I just found out I have been (I know that sounds like a stupid (woman's) error)...(embarrassed)...
  6. I'm having the same problem. Well try cleaning this. Thanks, Coco
  7. OK - got the accumulator installed - runs great! But still having trouble with hesitation when accelerating - also just before it happens, at stop light it idles REALLY rough - then after a bit - all of a sudden it smooths out - if I accelerate before it smooths out - II get hesitation. Would really like to trust this car for a long trip. - any other ideas would be helpful
  8. OK - evidently I'm really looking for a brake accumulator Chrysler part #4464001. Keep trying to call Larry Carlson in Az - no response back yet. Running out of options.
  9. It's the gas accumulator for the ABS system...brakes. The Chrysler part number is 04464001. Are you a member of the TC club? They're having a rally near Soap Lake?
  10. In desperate need of this accumulator for my 1991 TC. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  11. OK, so my mechanic found that the EGR Solenoid is bad and so just disconnected it. Said it will run fine??? Now I have a bad gas accumulator and am looking for one to give mechanic to put in. Was looking forward to our first TC Rally in Washington in a couple weeks - now looks like we won't be ready for that :(.
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