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  1. Just wanted to update you guys. I got the cruise control working. Found a test procedure for the cruise servo under the hood and it tested bad. Bought a new one for $100 which I thought was cheap enough and installed it and it works great. It’s bringing back a lot of memories for the one I had back in the 90’s. Thanks to all that have helped me on this journey to get a great car going and back on the road again!!
  2. I ended up cutting and capping the wire and leading other end to ground. They work great now. If I could get my cruise control fixed it would be awesome. Tried new/used servo and that didn’t do anything. I may try the brake switch next. Good thing to have is an extra parts car lol. I was lucky enough to buy 2 of these cars same color and one day apart for $800 for the both of them. Loved the one I had when I was younger! Can’t pull any codes from the onboard diag because all it will do is the lights on the dash flash really quick and that’s it. I’m thinking about switching bcm’s to see if that
  3. Yup. I tore the interior out and had to redo every single splice pack on passenger side. All driver side ones were good. My car had damp carpet and took 3 days to dry it out with a furnace blower lol. Now I’m sure it’s on here somewhere and I’m not seeing it but now the next task is the cruise control. It doesn’t work at all and when I first got the car, I could read codes by using the off temp up buttons but now it won’t let me do that. So I got into the bcm with my scanner and it shows the cruise switch and all of its buttons working as well as the brake switch turning on and off. So I went
  4. Just wanted to thank everybody for their help. I found the module and the wire and cut and capped the wire going to the headlight switch and led the wire from the module up to a factory ground spot. Headlights work like they are suppose to. I installed a fuse in the ground wire just in case. Probably no need to do that but just in case lol. I'm sure I'll be back for some more questions! Also there was another spot on this website that mentioned the 5 or 6 splices under the passenger side carpet that go bad and wasn't allowing my dome lights and a few other things to work. I got that mess strai
  5. Ok. Either I’m blind and not seeing it or I can’t find the headlight control module. I have a 90 reatta made 11/89.
  6. So your saying to cut the ground at the headlight and just use 2 pins of the relay and it should work correctly?
  7. Just need to know where and how to wire it up. I mean I know the wiring for a relay but just need to know what to hook it to.
  8. Has anybody found a cheaper harness for the headlights? I installed led headlights this evening and am having the problem that they won't close when you turn them off.
  9. First of all, hello to everyone. I’m the proud owner of a 90 reatta and I have a question I hope someone can answer or point me in the right direction. I just installed a set of led 6x7 headlightS and for some reason, the headlight motors go up fine but when you turn the headlights off, they stay up. With that being said, if I unhook one of the led lights and plug the regular headlight in, turn on the lights and then turn them off, they both go down. I’m a little lost. Any and all help is appreciated!
  10. Sorry for the confusion. The IPC light up when you turn the ingition on. My problem is when you turn the headlights on, the heater control lights, radio lights and the shifter light does not light up. The headlights come on and the IPC says lights on. I have taken the switch apart and cleaned all the contacts and ohm'd the resistors and they all check out and don't see any burned spots on the board so i'm not sure whats wrong with it. So I believe the headlight switch is toast. There is no power coming out of the switch to power the panel lights. I can run a hot wire to the wire coming out of
  11. I'm looking for a headlight switch or someone that can help me fix my headlight switch. I have a 1992 riviera and I have no instrument panel lights. If I slide the dimmer switch all the way over to the left the interior light light up like they should so I'm thinking the slide switch is working but can't be 100% on that. If I run hot wire from battery to the panel lamps wire the lights all work. My switch does have the twilight sentinel that also does not work. Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. First of all HI! I am new to the forms but this is not my first reatta/riviera! This is the only one I've had issues with. I have a riviera and the instrument panel lights don't come on when I turn the headlights on. I can power the wire for the light manually from the battery and all the lights come on but I have no way to dim the lights which really doesn't bother me but I'd like to fix it. I'm pretty good with electronics but I don't know where to start! I have taken the switch apart and checked resistors and solider connections and they all appear to be fine. So any help would be much appr
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