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  1. Hi I am after a 1936 dodge headlight bracket pair or USA drivers side only wanted please see attached photo I am in Australia would need shipped
  2. Hi I am looking for a 1936 Dodge Roadster headlight bracket pair, or a USA drivers side only wanted, please see attached photo. If any one has one or the pair, of head light brackets or knows the best place i can source them, can you please let me know there name and contact details it would be greatly. appreciated. Jim
  3. Hi i have not had any success in find the locking latch for my 1928/29 Chrysler 75 either, i have spoken to Jay and he does not have any and was not sure how to source. the major problem i have is the from the edge of the rumber seat to the center of the handle is 38 mm which is not standard. If any one finds one or knows other sources please let em know. Jim
  4. Happy new year, I hope you all have had Christmas and new year has been good and you are well. Unfortunately I did have a small crack in the head that has crack but appear to be ok when i had the motor rebuilt but it now has increase due to an over heating issue so I am looking for a new head not sure if you can point me in the direction of where I can source one. I want a good one not one that is cracked or a place that you might know that makes them I am in Australia and thought there might be some where in the US I can purchase one? If anyone can assist
  5. I would like to buy both a working gasoline gauge and a lockable handle and all mechanical parts Jim
  6. Hi I would like to thank Jay for all his advice and I am looking forward to receiving the parts I have purchased from Jay he is sending to me, it is going a long way in getting my car complete. I am still after a gasoline gauge and the rumble seat handle and complete latch. If any one can assist it would be appreciated.
  7. Thank you I have emailed a request to Ficken Wiper service thank you for the information greatly appreciated have a great day. Jim
  8. Thanks for all your feed back the vacuum motor is not working missing part my mechanic tell some therefore looking for one to replace it and another one for the mechanic as he needs one for another vehicle he is working on as well. I have some pictures of the meters which i will attach
  9. Please see picture of exterior wiper vacuum motor I require
  10. Hi All I am also looking for a window wiper vacuum type, that is mounted out site for the 1929 Chrysler 75 Fixed head coupe not sure the best place to source them. jim.lambert@anz.engie.com
  11. Hi I have a 1929 Chrysler 75 Fixed head 2 door coup in Australia and I am trying to source the rumble seat handle ad Mechanism I am also looking for the Gasoline / Petrol meter (have soured the sensor off eBay already) and the other meter I am looking for is the mileage meter but I assume that it comes in one section with the speedo. Contactable on jim.lambert@anz.engie.com
  12. Thanks for you your feed back greatly appreciated. I am still trying to source the gasoline/petrol and mileage meters, I have been able to source the gasoline / petrol sensor off ebay.
  13. I am looking to purchase a 2 gauges and a rumble seat handle for my 1929 Chrysler 75 Fixed Head coupe Gasoline Gauge Mileage / Speedo Gauge Jim jim.lambert@anz.engie.com
  14. thanks but at the minute I can not source one to fit will have to continue the search thanks fro your assistance
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