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  1. Hello everyone, I may have found in the USA the trace of one of the Mercedes of the Reich Chancellery, a Pullman Limousine with license plate IA-148696. This car was seized in May 1945 by the 2nd French Armored Division "Leclerc" with a false registration plate Z 96 501. General De Gaulle refused the car and gave it to the French Museum of the Army. The museum lent it to a French association of solidarity fighting called "VICTOIRE" for exhibitions intended to raise funds for the victims of war. Then in 1948, the car was sold to a citizen of the USA and for thirty years it had not been seen. But it seems that in 2013, a certain Austin Weiss would have restored the car for a Museum. jeanluc.auriac@gmail.com (my blog http://mb770k.canalblog.com/archives/2016/04/19/33685677.html see the vid :
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    PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Thanks for your congratulations please can you help me about 770 w150? mail me to mb770k.canalblog.com
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    PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Hi to all I am french i love grosser Mercedes 600 (w100), 300 (w189) and 770 (w150 and w07) i create a blog : mb770k.canalblog.com ( pre war mercedes 770 w150 1938-1943) Thanks to visit it, post comments and help me if you can Best regards to all ps : i love Citroen also!