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  1. Hi I'm thinking about replacing my 6 volt generator on my 1938 Pontiac to a 6 volt alternator ! Would this have any effect on my car radio ? Would this use or not use more electrical power from my battery ? OR WHAT ???? any help is welcome,,,,, PP
  2. hi this item is on eBay for $12.50.. Item # 301573129488


    I replace my tail lamp and stop lamp with halogen bulbs. Original #'s 63 & 87. This is a 6 volts system. How many amp's do these halogen draw ? How many watts do these draw ? THANK YOU P.P.
  4. Is there a video on how to replace a door hinge pin and bushings. I did check You tube, but nothing for older cars. I have the pins and bushings but there NO instructions how to replace them. This is for my 1938 Pontiac. Even a diagram of how to do it will be helpful . The order of the pin and bushings ? THANK YOU P.P.
  5. OK I have a 38 Pontiac. When I removed mine I had to 1.) remove the front floor mat first. 2.) there is a plate cover with two screws to remove. Then remove plate and you can see the master cylinder. remove it from open plate area. good luck PP.
  6. For Sale FOG LAMP: FOG LAMP B-L-C 5 3/4 524 A 9165 Unity Mfg. Co. Chicago, USA price $ 55.00 OBO call 616-682-1337
  7. FOR SALE : A Hind View Auto Mirror about 5 inches. Kales Stamping Made in Detroit, USA Price $ 35.00 OBO Call 616-682-1337
  8. For Sale 1930/31 ORIGINAL Ford Model " A" Headlights. Price $100.00 for the pair, missing one of the lens. OBO Call EST. 616-682-1337.
  9. FOR SALE " Superior " hot water Car Heater . Call EST. 616-682-1337 $45.00 OBO
  10. For sale 1930/31 Original FORD MODEL " A " head lights. $250.00 for the pair, one is missing a lens. OBO Call EST 616-682-1337
  11. Yes that mine,, if I can find a 3-D printer some where maybe I can have one made !!!!!
  12. It is all rubber. yes the raised ridge will hold it in. PP
  13. Check with KURT KELSEY Iowa, Falls, IA phone 641-648-9086 email Or. Joe Curtis Ashville, NC. PHONE 828-298-8304 Email
  14. Thank You for the lead, I did email him and waiting for his response . thanks again. PP. PetePontiac
  15. Looking for a A.L Johnson double screw jack. see pictures. Call 616-682-1337
  16. Here some pictures of the timing hole cover for Pontiac 1937-54 FYI .PP
  17. Check with DAYTONA PARTS COMPANY, in New SMYRNA Beach, FL. phone 386-427-7108 web site They have kits and can also rebuild your carb.
  18. Here is a guy that sells rebuilt kits for your car . I have a 1938 Pontiac 4-dr. sedan. KURT KELSEY Phone # 641-648-9086 email is He also had allot of NOS parts for Pontiac's. Here are two clubs " YOU " should join, they have other Pontiac and Oakland people that can help with your needs. OAKLAND PONTIAC WORLDWIDE email is ETC, Early Times Chapter, email is GOOD LUCK PetePontiac -1
  19. The rubber gasket is preventing you to pull it out. You have to use some muscle on it. Just be careful. PP-1