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  1. I WAS GOING TO ADD IT to the radiator not the oil. I have a small head gasket leak, hoping that will stop that instead of replacing the gasket.

    And my car is burning oil from some place and was hoping that would help with that. PP 

  2. Hi I'm looking to go with a Optima 6 volt battery, has anyone switch to this type of battery and if so what are the benefits.

    And what optima battery would you suggest for my 1938 Pontiac,  thank u PP.

  3. K-Seal , has anyone used this product to stop small oil leaks ?

    My car runs hot, so if I add this will it make my radiator run hotter ?

    You add this product to the radiator. thank u PP

  4. I installed my rebuilt gas tank sending unit in my 38 Pontiac, made sure it was grounded well.

    Filled up the gas tank, read full on the dash fuel gauge. When I drive the needle on the gauge bounces a little, is this normal ?  Because when the car is moving the unit in the tank moves up and down? PP        

  5. I have "tons " of bugs on my front of my car.  I tried to remove by washing with soap and water some came off.

    Tried gas, WD-40,bug & tar remover,  they will not come off what will take these dead bugs off of my car ???? HELP  

  6. I put a hose from my overflow tube on the bottom of the radiator to a recovery tank that is attached to my cowl. I bought a windshield washer tank.

    My level in my radiator is about 2 inch down. When my 38 Pontiac gets HOT 220 the water will boil out throw the tube, then goes up to the recovery tank.

    When the car cools down, the water in the recovery tank , then goes back into the radiator. This keeps our plant cleaner. PP