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    Help me date this photo!

    It's a smudge and a wrinkle, not an antenna... I swear.
  2. KimLC

    Help me date this photo!

    I assure you, as I'm holding the original photo in my hand, there is no antenna there.
  3. KimLC

    Help me date this photo!

    Thank you for all of the input! There is not a TV antennae on the roof of the house -- that's a smudge. I found the photo in a packed basement and it has some water damage (the photo, not the basement). I appreciate the help!
  4. Can anyone help me try and date this photo? I'm working on a historic home project and this is the only photo of the house... which I know was built in 1915. Can anyone help me guesstimate the year of the photo based on the car and truck in the image? I would be super appreciative of any help and thank you in advance! Kim