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  1. Thanks for your e-mail. I have sent you the requested AEA Charts... Take Care. Harry
  2. R Swallow: I have the 1956 Oldsmobile 88 as well as 2 1949 Plymouth Six Models p17,P18. One for Canada and one for U.S. Models P.M. me your e-mail address so I can send you a copy in *.pdf format
  3. Hello: I will check my charts and get back to you. It will be about a day as I need to dig into my files to have a look. Take Care Also P.M. with your email address
  4. ayrhead

    Stutz 1906 Gauge

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Gasoline-Gauge-Instrument-US-Gauge-Stutz-Peerless-Pierce-Early-Brass-Car-/253982301012?oid=253935841280 Here is the listing...
  5. ayrhead

    Stutz 1906 Gauge

    I just noticed Ebay has a Stutz gauge that they have listed asking $249.00 Buy it Now Price $U.S. I realize they may not get that price but that should make mine worth t least 1/2 that price... $124.00 $U.S. I am therefore changing my price to $124.00 U.S. I think that is more than fair...You can let me know. Thanks
  6. ayrhead

    Stutz 1906 Gauge

    Hi Robert: Thanks for your input. Please note the slight chip of glass on the right hand side of the gauge at about 3 o'clock. The reason I assumed the gauge ws 1906 was because of the patent date: Sept. 18,1906 located on the inner top of the gauge. I am not familiar with the Stutz at all. There was also a speedometer and electric clock but I think they are from different vehicles... See attached pictures. I think the Speedometer is possibly from a motorcycle as it says British Made. The clock I'm not sure but the date on the back looks like 1924 and I also have some Dodge Brothers Gauges so the clock might be related to them. As for the gauge, I sold a Dodge Brothers Amperes Gauge for $80.00 U.S. shipping Costs Extra. |I think I would be willing to let the Stutz gauge go for the same price. Any info on the other two items would be appreciated if you know.
  7. ayrhead

    Stutz 1906 Gauge

    Hi: I found this Gauge. I have no use for it. If anyone is interested, it is for sale. Any idea on value? I have not been able to find one online.
  8. Hi Mark: Hope you like the chart Cheers
  9. Great Video!! Glad you are able to enjoy such a sweet ride. I don't own a GreenBrier but reaaallllly like my '62 Rampy. I get a lot of looks from people as most of them hink it is a custom truck and don't realize it was a produced from 1961 to 1964.... Cheers!!
  10. What a SWEET RIDE!! You must get a lot of people looking at it when you go to the cruise nights Cheers!!
  11. Pretty Sweet Ride!! First time I've seen the AMF version. Mostly Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki up here, but then they were more of a mini bike rather than a moped... Saw some Puch mopeds up here back in the day as well.
  12. Nice Post Amazing what people can do these days bring photos to life. I really enjoyed it. Cheers!
  13. It's always nice to have a different, not common vehicle....That's why I have my Corvairs...