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  1. musicancars

    1964 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible $9,500

    I agree Bernie they were designed at a time when the world was trying to enter space travel . in my personal opinion they remind me of a Piper Cub with that low back end .and the rear tail lights remind me of thrust on a rocket ship or jet of the Space Age in the early 60s. I have seen too many of these cars with the back end leveled off and it changes the whole look of the car in my personal opinion. Many modern mechanics don't understand what the design look was trying to do at the time. In fact your comment on the GM styling is interesting because when we bought this car from a used car dealer we first looked at the same year in a convertible Impala. We took it for a test ride and stopped at a gas station mechanic and had him put it on the lift . He advised against that Impala because there have been many body parts replaced due to an accident he said. We took it back to the lot and they showed us the Galaxy we took that back to the same mechanic and he put it back up on the lift and approved it and we bought it. And yes I agree with you in my personal opinion the two body styles somewhat mimic each other in the lines of the back fenders
  2. musicancars

    1964 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible $9,500

    Yes you are correct but I have always blocked out the license plate number on any of my antique cars when shown online for security reasons as you never know who might try to Miss use that number
  3. musicancars

    1964 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible $9,500

    thank you I have corrected this. In reference to the New Old Stock installed back bumper are you saying I should remove that from the ad? And why?
  4. musicancars

    1903 Ford A

    Thank you for reminding me. my brain must have glitched at that moment. LOL I think it has something to do with Ford having started out with what later became the Cadillac company after the stockholders tossed him out that caused the glitch . thank you for pointing that out
  5. For sale 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible 289 engine with automatic trans. And true twin exhaust with solid x-frame. Well-maintained mechanically. Has New Old Stock rear bumper installed.( which until recently was a very hard item to find as most Originals collect dirt in the bumper reinforcement brackets and are rusted out) The factory color is called Chantilly beige. With a black roof and interior. Interior vinyl fabric in very good shape.. Paint was redone a few years back. Along with a new roof installed at that time. With a glass back window. I am thinning my collection down a bit. This is a truly well maintained unmolested vehicle My dad was the 2nd owner since 1966. Until he passed Christmas 2014 when I took title. Now at 61 I have both my antique cars and his to maintain and need to thin the collection since I prefer to drive my 1930s vehicles. That and I had lost garage space that I was renting. And was just informed I will be losing another rented garage in the spring as that owner will be selling their property in the spring. So I will need this car's garage space for one of my other cars $9,500 or offer CLOSE to asking price Cash or Bank certified check local pickup or buyer arranges shipping and any paperwork. Prefer USA buyer as I really don't want to deal with Customs papers. I am in Central New Jersey USA Call Dave at landline 908-322 9084 Or email
  6. musicancars

    1903 Ford A

    Good luck with your sale because have found in the past people will nit pick a car to death to drive the price down. Sometimes I think if you offered it to them for free they would expect you to not only deliver it to them but expect you to pay them to buy it from you. Cars only seem to have a value when somebody else is selling them. Your car is a nice looking vehicle and if it were mine I would use it with the current engine until I found the proper one. Ironically if it were not a well known make and if it was a lesser-known vehicle then unusual combinations would be acceptable. A friend of mine has two pre 1905 vehicles of the same manufacturer one has the original single cylinder engine and the other one has a slightly longer wheelbase with a 3 cylinder engine which was not known about for that particular manufacturer . so anything is possible back in that early era of car manufacturers when they were practically hobbling anything together to make a sale or get in on the automobile craze . Good luck