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  1. Jason, I was able to find a used, same model, generator with a good armature and field coils. The only thing now needed to have a functioning spare or second generator is a Delco part number 807180 Thermostat Resistance. Might you or anyone else have this part? Thanks, John
  2. Jeff, thank you for the information. It is getting harder and harder to find companies willing and able to do that work. John
  3. Ed, thank you, always good to speak with you. Since I am still looking, might other forum members have anything that I am trying to find?
  4. I have a 1931 Pierce Arrow Model 43, which takes the 927-L generator. I had access to a Delco book that only went back to 1931, that is where the individual part numbers and possible parts generator part numbers came from.
  5. Hi, I am looking for some obsolete Delco generator parts for a 1931 car. Does anyone have: Delco part number 1837650 armature Delco part number 19027 and 19028 Field coils Secondly, I believe that delco changed part number format in the mid 30's to go to seven digit numbers, does anyone have part number crosses for the 19027 and 19028 field coils? If I can't locate the parts listed above, I would consider buying an entire generator for parts. Does anyone have a spare generator of the following part numbers: 927-L 927-F 927-J 927-D 927-E 927-K Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. Walt, Thanks for the 31 P-A Instruction booklet, I am very happy with it. I also appreciate the Franklin and CCCA information that you provided. Please let me know if any of your friends can help me with the Franklin bumper medallion. Again, thank you! John
  7. Hi, I m still looking for an original, or a reproduction, round rear bumper medallion (top silhouette of an airplane, Franklin drawing number 40847) for my 1930 - 145. If you don't have one, might you know someone that does? Thanks for your help! John
  8. I own of a 1930 Franklin Model 145 Deluxe Sedan. There are some parts that are missing or incorrect on the car that I would like to locate: One original or reproduction crank hole cover (Drawing number 45103) One accelerator foot pedal block (Franklin drawing number 39389) One round rear bumper medallion and backer plate (top silhouette of an airplane, Franklin drawing number 40847) One complete rear foot rest assembly (for reference, left foot bracket drawing number 47376) One vanity case (Franklin drawing number 46183, but I would consider any complete vanity case from the same era Franklin) One smoker's set (Drawing number 46182, but I would consider any complete smoker's set from the same era Franklin) One gas tank filler cap assembly (Franklin drawing number 47485) Please contact me if you have any of these parts, or you might recommend that I contact a particular person. Thank you! jhdillman@gmail.com
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