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  1. Corvette C7, I am not a fan of Corvettes although I had fun in a beat up 68 roadster as a teenager in the late 70's. There is something about the size and no nonsense look of the C7 coupes and ragtops. I saw a dark green convertible parked at a restaurant about a year ago and couldn't take my eyes of of it.
  2. Fake patina, next they'll be faking musle cars
  3. The serial number on my 23 t6 phaeton is 55302. The serial number is on the top of the passenger side frame rail just behind the front motor mount. A good cleaning and a good flashlight will help you find the number. Engine number is on the front motor mount drivers side. On t6 Reos motor numbers and serial numbers do not match. They do match on my Bultaco motorcycles though.