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  1. sorry about info. I have a 1928 dodge brothers standard six with the screw on wing cap
  2. looking for a 1928 dodge brothers radiator in good shape. 1 319 361 9594, Vinton, Ia.
  3. I have had two ramblers . 1962 1963. these cars have trouble with rust forming in gas tank. put a clear fuel filter between tank and pump. Watch to see how clear the gas is. I had to have my tank cleaned and recoated . runs fine now. unhook gas line from carb. and see if pump is putting out any gas, there should be a good flow with a electric fuel pump. hope this helps.
  4. new member......I would say 36 ford. had one years ago.
  5. looks like the rims on my 28 dodge but not the same size. could be earlier model.
  6. Check your bell housing bolts. sometimes they work loose and will do just what you are talking about.