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  1. What makes you think this car runs hot? I've never known anyone who could trouble shoot a car from photographs..................
  2. The hood was not closed all the way before pictures were taken. My fault.
  3. 63 Riviera in NE Ohio https://akroncanton.craigslist.org/cto/d/1963-buick-riviera/6287106538.html
  4. One of the coils is .193" ID. The other coil is .244" ID.
  5. The cable dimensions for the photos I posted earlier are as follows. Outer sheath diameter is .157". The inside wire diameter is .032".
  6. I have run across 2 different designs on this cable. The first design was the wire inside of a simple plastic sheath. The second design was the wire inside of a sheath that had a metal spiral inner sheath with a plastic outer covering. The second design seems to hold up better than the first.
  7. Here's a few pictures of the turn signal cable to show length. The mounting tabs/brackets have been removed from this cable.
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