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  1. my bright flashlight, then looked under the dash, driver's side & the passenger side. can/could not find/locate that "regulator".....even checked in the I searched in the engine compartment....not there. there is a voltage regulator in the engine compartment, is this the one I need to check out ? stay safe thanks G&U
  2. me slow are correct in that the (fuel & temp) gauges not working, somehow I got it in my head that the generator light and oil pressure light are working......but those are totally different non-connected gauges. thanks for pushing me, and I will check it out tomorrow. be easier than jacking the rear up and checking the gas sending unit......which I can still do if I need to. stay safe thanks! G&U
  3. oh well, it is still better than what we have on cars today.......however, (hate that word), article says nothing about if gauges are not working; too low, too high, intermittent (like me brain).......will crawl under there and see how easy it is to find/work on though, give me something to do. stay safe thanks G&U
  4. starter on my 60 engages, disengages, engages, then will start (so far that is).....any leads on where to get a replacement starter? or are they to be rebuilt, etc? stay safe thanks G&U
  5. thanks.....I just now went out and attempted to ground out the wire, when the connector broke loose from the was loose already, and I apparently finished moving it enough to break problem with me, will connect a new connector up later, after I finish my cuppa 40-weight. stay safe thanks G&U
  6. thanks.....I successfully crawled underneath and located where that dumb dirtyword snot-sucking sending unit is the front and up about 2/3 of the way......thanks for the info......have not tested it yet, as I was running here and thar checking out the car, temp gauge not working; so I removed the wire from the sending unit and "hot wired" it, with no readings on the gauge.....tried both positive and negative on battery.....even turned the key at this point in time I do not know if I should replace the sending unit ($25 plus $12 shipping at NAPA), or install an underdash manual gauge, which i already have 2 (somewhere!!!).....that gas tank will have to be lowered for me to be able to work on it. stay safe thanks G&U
  7. thanks, will search for location of the sending unit today. hopefully it will be assessed thru the trunk floor. stay safe thanks G&U
  8. (first off, I researched back topics to 2012 on this and found nothing) 1960 Desoto Fireflight gas gauge does not work. recently bought the car, and it looked like it was registering "empty", but when I shoved one gallon of motion-lotion down its tube, gauge seemed to I shoved some two more gallons of motion-lotion in and result was the dumb dirtyword cotton-picking nose-sucking finger-licking gauge still registered "empty" (like my head sometimes). any suggestions would be appreciated on fixing this, as I do not desire/wish/want to run out of motion-lotion while in motion away from home. where exactly is the fuel sending unit on this mopar? stay safe thanks G&U
  9. thanks.....rockauto has waiting for delivery. stay safe thanks
  10. thanks, haven't checked it out at this point in time.....toooooo cold for me....... stay safe thanks G&U
  11. hi....can anyone recommend where I can buy the brake hydraulic hose for my 60 Desoto ?? stay safe thanks G&U
  12. Thanks. was not certain/sure, altho what I read stated it was a 361.......however, as I know sometimes there are things I do not know (which does not bother me), the seller stated after I bought it that it had a 413 engine in it..... which I did not believe, but was not going to tell him he was mistaken, so I took it and ran !! it cannot (!) be a "rare" car, because I own one !!! hee hee....... side note, diff subject: always (always) make sure the coupler has been locked or secured.....I was buzzing down I-75 in Florida at 65mph, when my van bouncing around "popped" loose the coupler, and about 10 seconds later the Tow Dolly broke loose from the van.....bounced across 3 lanes of I-75, hit the inner guard rail, then came back and stopped in the middle lane......and NO ONE HIT IT !!!......I would rather be lucky than the Tow Dolly, got off I-75, bought some fasteners for the safety chain, then headed home at 50mph.......lucky is not the word.......I had not locked/secured the coupler on the Tow Dolly......will NEVER tow anything again without it being secured/ day I borrowed my son's pick-em-up, same Tow Dolly (but secured), made it to Orlando where I bought the 60 Desoto and made it back home safe/sound/ahhhhhhhhh stay safe thanks G&U
  13. just bought 1960 Desoto Firelight and want to know if I have a 361 engine or 383 ?? could not locate the eng numbers supposed to be on "top" of the eng below the water elbow outlet. engine has a 2 BBL carb. no fender or firewall tags. is there some other place to look, or have I looked in the wrong place? it is a 4 door sedan, runs, drives, but front left wheel seizes up when I apply the brake.....have ordered wheel cylinders and shoes for the front; will take on the rear later on. no photos at this point in time. last driven in 2003 in NY, and now has a new home in N.E. Fla. have the original window sticker plus other paperwork(s). happy with it. ((looks better than I do)) stay safe thanks G&U