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  1. Is there any chance you would have or know of a complete Twilight Sentinel Unit ?
  2. While driving my 64 Riviera back from Pittsburgh last weekend I was caught for about 3 hours in a very heavy rain storm . When I got home all the carpets were wet as was the trunk liner. I have not been able to find where the leaks are coming from I've pulled all the carpets out to dry and am using a blower to dry trunk. If any of my fellow ROA members have experience with this problem or have any thoughts on how to remove water stains on trunk liner I would be very grateful for your suggestions
  3. I'm having my 425 nailhead rebuilt and I want to follow your lead replacing my clock with an oil pressure gauge It would be a great help if you could tell me what gauge you used and where I can order it along with any other pointers in putting in. Thanks again for your help !
  4. DiskHarv

    Judging Sheets

    Hersey will be my first national meet . Well there be a chance to get a list of deductions later so that I would know what needs to be corrected .
  5. DiskHarv

    1964 Buick Trunk Mat

    That was the first placed I tried but they don't have the black mats and the blemished ones are brown. Thanks for your help though.
  6. I need to find the correct black rubber trunk mat with the white tri shield buick emblem in center. Everyone has the matching interior mats but the trunk mat isn't available.
  7. Steve, Thanks you for you help .
  8. I have a 1964 Buick Riviera that has been fully restored with an eye toward having every detail correct with one exception The underside of hood has been painted the same color and quality as the body instead of black. I need to know what the maximum deduction will be for this . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks