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  1. I’m installing a 63 vacuum trunk release in my 63 Riviera. The vacuum release works about 20% of the time. I read about vacuum bleed off because there was leak in the system. I would suppose a person could suck on the hose at the plunger and then at the little tank where the trunk latch is located to pin point a leak at least at those two places? Can the the two parts in the vacuum trunk release be repaired? Thank you Turbinator
  2. Tampa Riv, I do not like giving a supplier less than a 3 star rating. I buy stuff from Cars LLC and some of the time I do very good with stuff like decals. I bought the speedo cable from them and it was the wrong size. Let’s say I ordered the wrong one. Then I ordered another wrong one from another supplier again. So, I ordered two wrong cables or they don’t come cut to length. The one from the junk yard fit. Your idea is stellar, pull yours and measure.call the supplier and verify length, that is what I should have done. I’m of the belief the length has to be spot on. Don’t know why, but that
  3. Ed, it has been such a time since I probably did after it didn’t fit the first time. I had problems with the Speedo drive gear part as well. So, after a number of tries with “ direct fit “based on a 63 Riv from specified by the supplier I gave up. Got a used speedo cable and the oil quit squirting up through the cable on my shoes. An instrument was made to calibrate the Speedo and was placed between the cable and the drive gear. The Speedo seems to be right on when clocked with an app on my phone. I’ve found more than one aftermarket part not measuring up. Pun intended. I bought a fan shr
  4. My experience with new direct fit speedo cables for my 63 was not good. All were a direct fit, but required you to to cut the cable to length. Ended up getting the speedo cable from a donor parts car. The used cable fit perfect.
  5. To protect a workpiece section tape it off with fiberglass tape. I use high temp fiberglass tape on turbines I media blast to protect areas I do not want blasted. Attached is a pic of a 64 turbine I taped the center cap hole, the circumference, and tops of the vanes. I blasted the turbine then powder coated. For chrome pieces I media blast and tape off what I want to protect. I’ve not had luck using chemicals to remove paint from chrome. The bad luck with chemicals is I’m not experienced in using them. Old Rustoleum Aircraft remover with methyl chloride works to remove paint for me.
  6. MrFab, I reinstalled the original AC in a 1963’Buick Riviera. I am no mechanic nor familiar with the refridgeration cycle. After 3 summers AC cold air was achieved. Had I to do over again I would examine the cost of having a new aftermarket AC installed. You could very well come out spending less by having someone else install a new aftermarket AC for you. It is possible with help from the guys on the forum who are truly expert in the AC business. There is a measurable investment in the right tools. There is a significant investment in time reading about the science, art, and installat
  7. Bernie, love your style. I was thinking that mobile AC is rather straight forward. Read the book, intuitively know the little ins and outs of the vacuum system, the refrigeration cycle does not need to be known ( it’s really not important), no need for goofy gauges, vacuum pumps, dye, sniffer, dry nitrogen, the right oil for the A6, and the list can go on. R12 is easy to find at low prices. Rebuilding old R12 hoses just in case you change over to 134a is easy enough to do. For the guy or gal that is not mechanically inclined and a newbie can possibly get it an original AC to work on an old Bui
  8. Some have said there are primer coatings that will stick to chrome for color coatings. Personally, I media blast chrome metal if I’m to coat.with powder or paint.
  9. Sir, I have a 63 zRiviera that has electronic ignition installed by one of the best in the country, Tom Telesco. Additionally, Tom rebuilt my original Carter AFB. The car has been tuned by Tom and the car runs to suit me. The engine has recently been rebuilt. I find my car quite responsive to aggressive acceleration with no, none, no hesitation. I don’t know what HP gains were made, if any. The car starts easily enough and picks and goes real fast for me. But, my experience is relative to what? I’d say a big improvement in my engine performance. The increase in performance howev
  10. Wow, I was really in right field. I misunderstood the question. I erred in thinking you were talking about the exterior of the housing. Turbinator
  11. Tom, not too much information at all. Juicy substance I did not know is now helpful. True the volume of air through the bell of a horn/saxophone only makes what is voiced louder. I actually thought changing the amps would alter the pitch because of change in the parts Vibrating of the horn that makes the sound. I don’t know much about what goes on in the horn, but I have clues about changing sound by changing how the notes are voiced. ( voicing is the order the notes are played) And there are enharmonic chords that have different names, but sound exactly the same with the notes the voicing.
  12. Loren, I appreciate your question as I have been interested in how and if a reflection can be quantified. We know the finish is chrome. Chrome finish can be achieved with ceramic thin coat film and polished. Of course chrome plating as we know by the tried, true, and very expensive. Some pro finishers have had luck with spray chrome. The spray chrome is the same silvering chemicals used to make mirrors, but for metal the procedure in applying the silvering chemicals are reversed and non forgiving. How a chrome reflection is measured I do not know. Hopefully some of the info can steer you
  13. Jim, I noticed a a small nurled knob on the back of the horns. The tip on disconnecting the other horns makes perfect sense so you can hear the pitch of the sound. Depends on my horns, but I’m going to try to tune the horns to a certain quality four not chord. Depending on how the horns can be adjusted , if mine can be adjusted, will tell if a chord tone quality can be achieved. I must admit the cool factor would be very high should horns be tuned to chord tone quality. T
  14. Tommy, will certainly check. If I get any negative reaction to steering or ride I’ll see if it can be fixed. If it can’t be fixed I’ll put the original coil springs back. I’m very accustomed to doing jobs over again. Bob
  15. Surprisingly, I wired my 4 note horns today and they worked the first time. Disconnecting the battery when I do electric work is a good habit for me. Turbinator
  16. Sir, decided to get Custom coil springs from Custom Coil Specialty in KS. CSS seems to know their business. I’m lowering the front an inch and back 3/4” of inch. Hardly noticeable but I believe the change will give me what I want. if I could hide the compressor I would give bagging a thought. If one of the younger ones “hop on me” I’ll just have to smile.Turbinator
  17. Here is Wolfgang’s contact info: gordon.wolfgang@msdminc.com. 913-239-9299 ...
  18. There is a gent in ROA who will rebuild yours for $15.00each plus postage. His turn around time is immediate. First class work for sure. The gents First name is Wolfgang and he is in Kansas. I left a lot of holes in contact info For Wolfgang. I’ll dig it out and send along. By the timeI find the info someone else might fill you in. Nonetheless I’ll hunt the contact info. Turbinator
  19. A one ton severe duty truck clutch fan is what I use on my 63 401. Also, I have O shroud and use a 160 thermostat. Turbinator
  20. Sir, I have respect for your insights regarding natural ability. I believe there are people with God gifted talents that when used positively they can achieve great things. Also, I’ve known people who were not so naturally gifted, but had the burning desire to achieve their persistence and resilience was what helped them achieve their goals. “ You have it or you don’t” to a large degree it is correct. There are some who become competent in their endeavors because of their very fine work ethic. How a person defines success for themselves is a contributing factor. Thank you, Turbinato
  21. Sir, you are so correct you get a 200% accuracy rating. I’m a believer in it is not what you say it is how you say it. Communication requires a good sender and receiver. The best communication takes place when sender and receiver invest as much in listening as they invest in talking. I do business with a soft spoken expert in CT., Tom Telesco does his best to give you his best knowledge of automobile mechanics. Tom is a patient man who is happy to share his knowledge about automobile repair. The parts Tom supplies always more than satisfy. If you don’t need what you think you need he will
  22. TampaRiv, inventive and a very fine job! Your attention to detail and precise workmanship gets top ranking. Thank you for the pictures. Turbinator
  23. Winston, just had my engine rebuilt ( 401 Nailhead )by JB engines in Rosedale MD. I'm happy with the job they did. When you talk about rebuilding you mean reassemble the engine after it has been finished at the machine shop? The reason I ask is those that have been doing this kind of work since they were children or teenagers minimize the level of difficulty involved in auto mechanics. Reading the book then following instructions for the first time ever and getting it right is not quite right. It's like me saying you can teach yourself how to play guitar by getting a chord book. Sure you can d
  24. Master cylinder was bench bled. The brake lines were bled with the help of my dear wife. The brake pedal could be a little harder for me. The brakes work real good with new dual master cylinder and brake booster AFTER fit modifications were made. As I said the rubber O ring did not come with master cylinder, the eye of the booster rod had to be made larger to fit the pin on the brake pedal. Two people, as Jim Cannon suggested, makes removing and reinstalling the brake booster easier much easier. Turbinator
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