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  1. I will comment and say A two post lift with the movable supports would give you more room and more access to the car. On mine I have a Jack that moves on rails back and forth. To take off a tire you must Jack the car up already on the lift. Arthritis I’m my back really limits your bending and twisting. I’m sure most of you already know about stiff joints!
  2. Tom, I cut one strap. I remember two heavy gauge wires on the core. What I can’t remember is if the heavy gauge wires held the heater core in or was part of the heater core. What I do remember is using copper plumbers tape to splice the band I cut. First I used POR 15 two part epoxy to hold the splice together. After the spice was secure I went back with small screws and nuts and tightened the splice on my the passengers side. How I secured the heater core on the drivers side I can’t remember. After I was satisfied the core was secure I buttoned it up only to forget the rectangular piece I cut
  3. Sir, you are ahead of me on diagnostic skill and experience. NAPA in my area, central Maryland is hit or miss. I bought a Ekrige or Elk Ridge heavy duty starter Selinoid. Put Selinoid on started right up. No problems. Other parts from NAPA are so so. A friend of mine knew the former owner of NAPA in this area and I got stuff! Newly manufactured A6 compressor and ball joints for my 63. A little pricey, but I got what I wanted in days. so the electronic fuel pump was only temporary? I have study to do as I do not want to trouble you with something I can do with my time. After rese
  4. Tom, hard to believe BUT Tom Telesco took the oil pump a part and did a tiny mod before he sent it to the builder I’ve since forgotten. The builder upon testing the engine noticed the oil pressure was inconsistent. I said take out the oil pump and put in a pump you know works. Done. In the meantime I sent the supposedly quirky oil pump back to Tom for forensic investigation. Tom now has a few cases ahead of me so I’ll wait for the report. Turbinator
  5. Gents, I studied and studied over the best selection of garage lifts. I did all I could to buy American. My wants and needs coupled with I wanted to spend could not balance out for an American product. The two post lift just did not resonate with me, so I bought a 7000 lb capacity four post Challenger from a dealer in DE. The dealer assured me for what I was going to use the lift it was plenty strong and safe. The dealer installed the lift and I bolted the uprights in my 5” concrete floor. As I’ve aged physical problems out of my control made it necessary I have a lift. With the repair
  6. Link to Super Brights cs-newsletter@bulk.superbrightleds.com
  7. Tom, I’m with you and The Boy Scouts, “ Bring everything “. Your suggestion for combination tools makes all good sense. Consolidation truly sums up the logic for roadside repair tools. Appreciate your contribution. Turbinator
  8. Only one bottle? What are your passengers having?
  9. Sir, I have a spare fuel pump that looks like the original. Does the electronic fuel pump perform measurably better than stock? I’m no hot rod but I’m all for increasing reliability of the engine. I want to take long trips. Thank you for your contribution Turbinator
  10. Gents, My 401 1963 Nailhead was rebuilt by JB’s Engine Machines in Rosedale MD. I happy with their work. Tom Telesco supplied the RaceTek forged pistons made to his spec’s. The carb was rebuilt by Tom Telesco as well. The engine builder had a question or two and Tom Telesco answered the builders questions. I didn’t want the builder to approach my Nailhead as another small block Chevy. Attached is what was done to rebuild my engine
  11. Scott, I rebuilt my suspension and put in front and rear sway bars. I love my 63 and with a rebuilt steering box, new shocks, new bushings a signicant positive difference for me. I’m no hot rod in the least and I’m not after rack and pinion steering- just control and better tracking at high Interstate speeds. The character of the ride and steering is the same just not the feeling of flying an airplane. I’ve got to say this- while the engine is out it is easier to cut out a rectangle behind the plenum and remove your heater core. Have the core recored at your local radiator shop. Put the core b
  12. I put in Superbrights Cool white in my interior. Some of the new LEDs were difficult to get in laying on my back. I am a proponent of not removing anything I do not have to take out. Not because of I’m lazy but with rust and difficult to reach fasteners seems never to go back 100% the way it was I leave it alone. An exception when I recovered my dash pad I did much better removing the Pilar chrome covers so I could remove and replace. Could very well be me, but zi found it worth my time and effort to remove the A Pilar covers. You may remember giving me tips on painting plastic vinyl covering.
  13. Barney, never used a fluidized bed. The Empire 2636 S had a hopper that dropped media through a mechanical media regulator. The service man talked about a “ Venturi” that would draw the media down to the proper hose that mixed the air and the media. My 15 SCFM compressor could have worked with dry air, the right air pressure for the nozzle and orifice size. As I said there must be a better way which I did find.
  14. Barney, you are correct 100%. Space, budgets, installing the tubing/piping is all time and $$$$. I got the reservoir tank used at $150. That is the only deal I got. I first bought an Empire industrial grade unit that was too big for my compressor. So, I sunk a good $300+ trying to get it to work. I sold the Empire and got most of my money back. I bought a Cyclone media cabinet made in USA with a dust collector. If I added it all up we’d both say I spent too much, but not by much. I’m reluctant to buy anything sophisticated second hand. Mostly b/c I’m not a trained mechanic. I persist a
  15. Barney, yep. You can use the wet air to blow stuff off or use pneumatic tools, although we know the wet air is not good for the tools. I was self taught on getting my 5 hp 60 gallon (15 CFM)Quincy matched up with the an adequate blast cabinet. Stuff like nozzle and orifice in the gun is real important. None of it is hard, but I had to learn the hard way. Then the media was clogging up in my hose! Well, two expert sources said right off you need a line dryer. My father in law put me on to the reservoir tank.
  16. Gents, I clean parts for powder coating and painting for Rivieras. I had the hardest time correctly configuring a compressed air supply with a media blast cabinent. Once the proper configuration was solved so I could media clean my parts I added a refridgerated compressed air line dryer to the system. Ingersol Rand recommended I put a water trap before and after the line dryer. Additionally, it was suggested a dry compressed air reservoir tank be added. The reservoir tank comes right after the second water trap in the supply line. Dry air is critical if you expect any productivity in media bla
  17. Mud bone, I could use these probably 3 times a week. I restore 63/64 turbine wheelcovers for the zRiviera. Many of the studs are broken in the stud mounts. I could use these when I use helicoil for sure. There is a carpenters tool used to center the drill bit over a broken stud down in the hole. Carpenters use the tool to center holes when drillling to set door hinges in a door frame. Turbinator
  18. If you are pinching pennies on proper maintenance you are in the wrong hobby.
  19. Tom, thank you for the update and courtesy regarding parts availability. I thought the same about the mechanical lock piece not working. I made certain the “ flat bar from the lock cylinder was seated in the latch. The flat bars lined up where they were suppose to be. I tested the latch with the key and the latch triggered on dry test. The latch opened with the key with trunk lid closed. i pulled most of the new silicon hose away from the installation to check for pinch. I put a vacuum tester on the plunger pull mech and drew 10” of mercury. I put the plunger on a 6” length hose connected
  20. Thin ceramic film coating on metal can produce outstanding chrome like shine when properly applied and finished. The shine is genuine and although not the bling a good chrome plating job has the ceramic coating is extremely close in appearance.
  21. Gents, I’ve read mixed reports on the reliability of the Suction Throttling Valve being reinstalled on 63 zRiviera AC. I’ve had no luck with the STV on 63 AC. I changed over to the electric switch that takes on the function of cycling the clutch on the AC compressor to keep the evaporator from freezing up. I’ve heard from many that have AC in working in their first gen Riviera’s with the original STV. One of the STV’s I tried was rebuilt by the Parts Guy in Tampa. Here is what the Parts Guy had to say about the STV: It is imperative that your air-conditioning system be contaminant fr
  22. Tom T, I use Kendall Super Blue Grease and it works for me. Turbinator
  23. New 3mm hose routed to not be pinched. Loom covering vacuum hose under the back seat. I meant vacuum leak/bleed was a result of failed mechanism on one end or the other. MitiVac did not open trunk on plunger mechanism nor mechanism at the latch. Both mechanisms are failed? I must be doing something wrong. Ha! Turbinator
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