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  1. Ed, second answer. Unbeknownst to me the odometer was off. The company that made the adapter told me to drive the car a government measured mile on the interstate. I was to note the mileage on the odometer at THE BEGINNING and END of the measured mile. I do remember writing the beginning and ending mileage at least 2-3 times on the same measured mile. I sent the data the company requested. I got the adapter and surprisingly I got on it easy enough. I have a cell phone app “88” that measures the cars speed. Both the speedo and the phone app match. Additionally, I check measured speed with gov
  2. Ed, I would leave the odometer alone. I had an acquaintance that was found guilty of odometer tampering on his used car lot. He went away to a federal penitentiary for a year. Now, a pro sales guy would answer you with a number of questions. First, find out what is important to the customer in valuing the car. So, let’s agree the buyer wants to know the true mileage. You can honestly give him your best based estimate on your well founded assumptions. Mix in what your insurance company insured the annual mileage on the car and factor in your estimates. Some fellows are not going to
  3. Sir, Tom sent my rebuilt steering box to me 3-4 years ago. The steering box went back in easy enough. I did have help lifting and guiding the steering box in right. The steering box has been very fine for my car. I like the way the car steers, rides, and responds. Of course, not rack and pinion but sure feels real good. Put on sway bars back and front, new shocks, and all new bushings where required. Im sure you’ll like Tom’s steering box. Turbinator
  4. Sir, I used the 19 tooth white plastic drive gear for my 63. I was told to find the gear ratio stamped on the rear end then cross reference. Evrrything worked except the speed was off more than I could live with. I was then told about the calibrating interface I had made up. Your way is the most interesting solution. I like the idea of a fix for $130.00. Had I got into the speedo and transmission it’s hard to tell where I would end up! Thank you for your post. Turbinator
  5. I had the speedometer on my 63 Riviera calibrated with an onboard calibrator. The company is in Texas makes the interface between your Speedo cable and drive gear. They asked me to note the mileage on my odometer and drive a measured mile on an interstate. I was to report the mileage on the odometer after the measured mile. The company made the adapter for around $130.00. Easy to install and fixed the problem. Of course, your Speedo has to work. The company just calibrates the speedo for the right speed. Turbinator
  6. Kevin, I’m concerned more about the stuff working while I’m using the tool. I’ve had some cheap wrenches break while I’m using them. The higher the expense the closer I watch the warranty paperwork, receipts, etc. I got tired of the wrenches not fitting the fastener it is suppose to fit. After many different comparisons reviews I checked out on YouTube I bought a set of box end wrenches in a pouch. Tekton is a family USA owned business and their tools are made in USA. Let me clarify I cannot remember if 100% of ALL Tekton are made here. Looking at numerous tool manufacturers I
  7. Gents, does anyone have an opinion on quality of hand tools tied to a brand name? Im equal opportunity purchaser of tools. Most of my tools are inexpensive and a precious few are used what I think are quality product. To me it seems the JH Williams Company makes good tools in the USA. I also understand JH Williams imports some their tools. I like good tools, but holy smokes some of these hand tools can cost a lot. Bob Burnopp
  8. I loved looking at the sunflower fields traveling across Kansas. Kansas is a wide state. Turbinator
  9. ‘Stand, have not sent it back yet as I’ve been swamped having fun and just haven’t had the time to get it packed up and sent back. I will get er’done.
  10. It would seem to me electronic ignition update to 63-65 Riviera would require less maintenance then the car still using points. The points and the rest can be maintained, but mile for mile the electronic ignition requires less maintenance. Correct? Thank you Turbinator
  11. For rust I use the old chemical make up in Rustoleum Aircraft Remover. I’ve also used hydrochloric acid to remove rust. For deep clean of aluminum a cocktail of hydroflouric, hydrochloric, and phosphoric acid typically gets the aluminum clean. The stuff requires full safety gear to work with acid. You must be careful. Grease removal can be knocked out with Berkible 2+2 Gum Cutter. The Berkible 2+2 Gum cutter is about $3.00 for 12-14 Oz aerosol can and goes a long way. Don’t let 2+2 get on any paint. To protect the metal after chemical treatment I wash the piece with mild soap and
  12. Here is a tool you really need. Anyone remember Montgomerey Ward?
  13. EmTee, probably no surprise to you but heat from acetylene torch does wonders. Fishing a broken steel stud from the turbines is doable with practice and luck. Sometimes the stud mount must be replaced.
  14. KReed, try these folks they design and fabricate windshield wiper motors. For Buicks they ww motors from 1939-1958. SUPPORT info@newportwipers.com 1-800-829-1929
  15. You can put in your own left handed drill bit. When your drill bit needs sharpening you change drill bits. Turbinator
  16. EmTee, The ROA gents ALWAYS have a solution. Thank you
  17. Sir, I can attest to Tom Telesco’s attention to detail. Tom Rebuilt my carburetor and put in electronic ignition. Replaced axle seals, put in lower ball joints and installed front and rear sway bars. Tom did this in my shop. I handed him the tools and was the helper. Tom also tuned up the engine. The next year (2020) Tom helped me by phone get my engine rebuilt. Tom served to answer questions from the experienced engine builder who built my engine. ive not known many experts in my life in any field. I can tell you without hesitation Tom Telesco is an expert. Turbinator
  18. Tom, I know you are sincere in finding the best, neat, way to make repairs. I appreciate you recognizing my limitations. It took a while to remove what I call the plenum and cut the firewall neatly and without ruining anything else. Removing the core was not so hard after I figured out how to get it out AND back in. I suppose the strap could have soldered without damage to the core. The two part clay epoxy is only temporary but held the plumbers tape and strap in place until I could drill a hole in the strap and run a screw and nut through to hold it together. Some items people can do in one s
  19. EmTee, here they are. The guide is stationary. The drill bit is spring loaded in the guide.,push the drill motor down and the bit stays on target. Manufacturer is Snappy Turbinator
  20. The mechanical media regulator is in fact a manual L shaped pipe fittings with a hole on the top of the lower leg of the L. In addition the lower leg of the L has a thumb screw you use to set the suction hose for material draw. The Empire 2636S media blast cabinet on their obsolete parts website will show diagrams of how the cabinet works. The industrial level cabinets are more robust and sophisticated than what we normally see. Can’t find the pic but I’ll get it to you. The dry compressed air keeps your media dry and from clogging up your hose. The manual media regulator works in conc
  21. EmTee- A victory nonetheless! it has occurred to me to have a second collector car. You have demonstrated I have space. Of course the car height comes in to the equation. I’m not sure I have the desire to renovate another car. My car was in original when I got it. I could have lived with the overall condition if the car was a kept as a seasonal weekend driver. It was in me to improve the car to be as road worthy as possible for long trips. My first trip was over 800 miles and the only thing I experienced was a trunk leak and a firewall leak from rainwater kicking up on the interstate
  22. Will do! The tool does work. Additionally, I got an affordable Craftsman drill press that has laser cross hairs that center your drill on target. It works too, but the drill bit have a tendency to walk. Since I’ll be in the carriage house tomorrow I’ll take a pic of the tool and shoot it back. Turbinator
  23. EmTee, I can see you very good with measuring tape. Your space for the two collector cars is well done. There have been times I wished I had a second sliding Jack. I get by with bottle jacks.
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