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  1. 443 in the Carriage House
  2. Ed, as I remember two hoses do go to the vacuum #3 and vacuum actuator #4. One hose comes from vacuum control panel that has a white stripe that goes to #4. The second hose, for #3 gets starts at# 3 port and T’s in another vacuum hose. ( I’m going on memory and I could be mistaken)
  3. Tom, assuming you have ID’d the noise coming from the tank and trunk would it be overkill to place rubber strips between the tank straps and trunk? Thank you Turbinator
  4. I agree. JB weld is good. I keep trying other adhesives for metal. The POR 15 two part proxy is real good. The best I’ve experienced for fixing dings or road rash on turbines is lab metal. Lab metal can be buffed to a shine. It is a lot of work as I have 2-3 applications of LabMetal for hairline crack or dings. The LabMetal works and much less expensive thanTIG weld metal fill. BTW, LabMetal is not good at all for joining metal as it needs oxygen to cure. A good metal joiner is USC All Metal. I try a lot of adhesives for fixing broken decorative ornaments and whatever else I can’t fix but
  5. Chuck, I cannot remember if one hose from the modulator was larger than the other. Just can’t remember. Since I went with the STV upgrade(?) the modulator was no longer needed. The electronic switch serves to engage or disengage the clutch on the compressor to keep the evaporator from getting too cold and freezing the evaporator. Turbinator
  6. Tom, let me correct myself. You didn’t put me under stress it was the work! You rascal you can set the pace for anyone.
  7. Here is the vacuum hose diagram for 1963 Riv Ac. I found the diagram in a book entitled “ Buick Preliminary Setup”.
  8. Tall John, I’ve done some dash pads and sold them. My experience is you’ve got to take off the old dash cover. Sliding a new cover over top the existing makes the pad to thick to my liking. Just my opinion. I use DashTop from Reno. CARID carries the DashTop brand. Turbinator
  9. The first gen zRiviera dashes take a measurable amount of work to remove the old cover. Doable, but a little on the nasty side. Getting the foam base is another trick, then stretching the vinyl can be tedious. If it was easy I wouldn’t like it. Turbinator
  10. Paul, what is the diameter of these emblems? Thank you very. Measurement in mm or inches is just fine. Thank you in advance of your usual very fine cooperation. I’m guessing they are 70-71mm in diameter. I’m happy to be wrong. Turbinator
  11. Tom, I recovered my dash pad. I made mistakes and banged up the from edges. As usual I had another do -over. Tom T suggested I take out the chrome A pillars for me to remove and replace the dash. Yes, it is probably more labor to take out the A pillar covers but when working by yourself you have to make adjustments. The dash goes in and out real easy. I had no room for scuffs on my dash pad. Got lucky and used DashTop and refitted the DashTop cover. Then primed and painted the dash. It’s been 24-30 months and no fading, cracks, chip or peel on the pad. I had the paint matched and mixed at a pl
  12. Tom, you rebuilt your fuel pump? Bob
  13. Tom, could be. Some of us got some heavier bumps along the way. I know you can do it. As your helper you worked the daylights out of me! Turhinator
  14. SOHCAHTOA an Indian Princess here.
  15. Seems heavy to me. $2500? Wow, they must have started the New Years office party early. Turbinator
  16. Ed, I did ok in Trig and Geometry. Algebra was just barely passing and that was a gift because I worked so hard. If you like music then you know a lot. Music is fun to learn. Each note on the staff has a time value. The standard notation can be read all over the world for those trained in Western music. Hindi music is in another realm as is throat singing from Tuva. Oh, James Brown music cannot be written. James changes whenever he wants and gives no attention to standard practice.
  17. Ed, I knew your insight was right on! All your basis for assumptions I’m sure are solid. Mechanical stuff does not have much , if any flexibility, in gears. So, I’ll check my Speedo yet again to see what is up or down. I have a long measuring tape I can use to stake out a mile along the interstate to make sure I have 5280 ft for a constant. Should be fun! Turbinator
  18. An F6 and Dm when voiced the same absolutely have the same sound. The app on my cell phone shows the same speed that is on my speedometer. I have no clue how the phone app works or the adapter. Maybe the adapter manufacturer reinvented the wheel?
  19. The app I have on this phone is known as “Speed Limit”. Speed Limit measure speed of a moving object with the app on board of the moving object. The adapter I put on my speedo and transmission allows my speedometer match up with the app I have on my cell phone. I don’t know how the app works or the how speedometer works. I can tell you without hesitation both the app and the speedometer are show the same speed as I go down the highway. As a musician I studied and still study music theory; however, I don’t let it ever get in the way of how I play the instrument.
  20. Nick, half the battle won with the STV. Still, if the piston sticks in the body of the STV you have to build the body. Having had 3 STV rebuilt I ENDED up the STV electronic switch to make the AC work.
  21. Has anyone purchased these? I am about to buy several sets. Sir, I’ve purchased them and they come from Eastern Europe and for what they are not bad. He has a Devil of a time getting the color right on the R. I have these available now: The Turbine Tri Shield 1963 emblem available now . $40.00 each plus postage. By end of January I’ll have the 63/64 wire wheel cover emblems available at $40.00. Additionally the 64 Turbine emblems wil be available as well. See pics attached These emblems have never ever been on a car.
  22. Ed, once the speedometer was accurate I stopped the project. Now, that you bring it up I’ll test the car’s odometer on a government measured highway mile marker. I’ll report my findings. im not sure how many many things work. The adapter is another item I have no clue how it works. I would speculate the people at the company that made my adapter have a math formula that works. I did not consider the variables in the problem that needed attention. It is true I’m sure I wouldn’t know how to set up the equation. My guess is simultaneous equation? Turbinator
  23. Tom, besides putting air in the tires this is the easiest thing I’ve done to the car. bob
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