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  1. See pictures. If interested PM Turbinator for details.
  2. Sir, for what model Buick? If it is for a Riviera try CARS LLC in NJ.
  3. Frenchy, very fine looking automobile. Did you repaint the car? Is the color known as Granada Red? I like the the white wall width on your tires. Turbinator
  4. Log on to Superbrites and key. In your Id info and that might give you what you need. The other route is look in the service manual that describes, the incandescent you want to swap out hy part number. I don’t have the part numbers off the e top of my head. There were a handful of bulb numbers you had to track down. The price points on those little devils have a wide range. I cannot find standards set for LED bulbs. Why pay for Sylvania when any other LED fills the bill. I went midrange price and have had no problems. The bulb over top the glove box that shines through a hole with crystal
  5. For some reason the LED’s do not like the tail light / turn signal location in the 63 Riv. It could have been my lower quality LED. The cornering lights have an amber colored incandescent I tried substituting an LED with no luck. The interior LED swap out was easier. on my 63 the light on my HVAC panel was hard to reach, but I got er done. Superbrites are a good supplier of LED’ Superbrite allows you to fill in their on line computer form and their program tells you the equivalent LED. The LEDs in the dash were easier to put in than I expected. I used the COOL whites that a
  6. Sir, as heavy as it was it seemed to me solid metal. Tom Telesco recommended I use this particular part. I bought the part fromTom. Gungeey, I’ll send Tom a note and get you the 100% bonafide info. Sorry, for the run around. I don’t want to guess, be wrong, and confirm w/o fear I have no clue what I’m talking about. Effort for some humor. ‘Bob
  7. Cant remember my kid’s middle names. Ill did up the brand name. What Ido remember it was close to $400.00. put it on when engine was rebuilt.
  8. I’ve got a63 with AC. I was told to try a GM severe duty 1 ton clutch fan. I loosened my shroud and took off the old fan clutch and out on the severe duty 1 ton fan clutch. Went on easy enough. I changed my thermostat to160 degree unit. Also, I put in and hid a 2 L coolant overflow tank. The radiator I bought is a US Radiator with an extra core added. Runs good.
  9. Try “Steele” website. Rubber manufacturer and very good quality and product consistency. I used Steele when I replaced all weatherstripping in my 63 Riviera. Go to Steele and Google “ weather stripping for your model car. Bob Burnopp
  10. The art of assembly and building always amazes me how much thought goes in to space utilization. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wasted space or did not allow enough space. I drew an 880 square foot 3 bay garage, stand alone. I put in what I thought necessary for ceiling height for a lift. My father in law a licensed professional engineer and at one time a supervising engineer built the. Garage for me. He did not use any supports in the middle of the garage. He specified engineered roof trusses. In summation in worked out good. I’ve always been the helper on residential construction
  11. I’ll second the 11! Did you design the ceiling for the garage at 11 feet when you built? I love the Sedanette styling you have on the top deck.
  12. Here is a pic of a few center caps for 64 Turbines.
  13. Good intel said he paid for the car in cash. Tom, had been saving gold up until he needed a more expedient way to pay for large purchases. Turbinator
  14. Available late Jan -early Feb. PM me if interested. Tur binator
  15. TelRiv 3/16’s is correct. The vacuum line most suppliers have is an offshore manufacturer that makes in millimeters them tries to convert to inches. Stay away fri\om these suppliers. Google automotive vacuum line suppliers in inches. Gates in NOT an inches vacuum hose manufacturer. 60 Flat is 100% correct on Corbin clamps not working on the plane you want Corbin clamps. Matter of fact I’ve just rebuilt my engine trying to use Corbin clamps no luck. Changed all corbins out. Please remember vacuum line are different then fuel lines. So you are after “3/16” automotive vacuum line “ Try McMaster C
  16. When you positioned the switch on the mast did you notice screws can be tightened to hold in place? My screws were broken inside the mast. I removed the broken screws and replaced the screws. I still found the switch han to anchored in the right place. The best I could do was lash the switch in place with zip ties.( get ‘er done) the signals still work! Turbinator
  17. Every one is different and likes their car to ride, handle , and steer a certain way. I put an ADDCO SWAY bar on the front, rebuilt with all new bushings. Put on Bilstein shocks. Just bought 1 inch lowering springs fro Custom Coil specialties in Kansas. New lower hall joints. Did same for rear. Love the way it handles and rides. Taught
  18. Gents, I’m in hopes of encapsulating the shine and prevent oxidation of cast aluminum turbines. The polymer resin film protects the entire wheelcover back and front. Easy to keep by washing with soap and water. No wax needed.
  19. Camarillo Brillo is one of my Zappa favorites. Dental Floss, Dont Eat the Yellow Snow Frank was truly creative.
  20. One thing I would recommend for this car if you do not already have it. Thank you for tip. I ordered one today for my 63. I’m sure it will come in handy
  21. Tom is 100 % correct. Bernie Daly suggested I ground the bulb socket to the frame of the car. I did that by soldering a pigtail to the bulb socket. I checked my fuses and replaced the ones that did not test out. Took off the turn signal switch and cleaned all the contacts. Placed the switch back on the steering mast and moved it up and down with the cable wire attached until it engaged the left and right signals. Make sure when you attach your wires to the bulb socket you don’t get your wires crossed. The dual filament bulb 1157 won’t work right. Test the bulb before you mount the whole damn a
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