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  1. Gents, First off I have no vested interest in Tekton. Tekton is a tool manufacturer in MI. Advertised as family owned that makes 20% of their tools here. The remaining 80% made offshore. 
    The quality regarding materials and workmanship SEEM to me on par with Bluepoint. Tekton advertises they stand behind their tools. No receipts, no time period, just let them know and they’ll make it right. They have a paper catalog they send to you and you can build up award points for purchases. 
    I have found the tools truly affordable and good stuff. 
    The purpose of the over view is for your information. I believe an American company that at least makes 20% of their tools deserves here deserves a summary on this forum.


  2. Steve, Tom may be confused a bit on inventory availability. It’s hard to remember everything.

    What I do remember was Centreville flamed Tom first and accused Tom of not knowing what he was talking about. I know for a fact Tom had done his homework regarding my harmonic balancer mishap. Tom knew it the situation.

    The young fellow at Centerville unfortunately assumed too much lost his temper and flamed Tom. I believe Centerville was kicked off because of lack of restraint and a measure of immaturity. Tom, did not cause Centerville to get removed from the forum. Thank you for your consideration.


  3. Jim, first off a big Thank You. You’ve got get up to Ellicott City after everyone not contagious.


    So vacuum needs to go into the single two port diaphram under the heater box. Take vacuum from the source with one hose then make T that go to the two ports. Simple. Thank you again.


  4. Early on Jim Cannon wrote up information on the AC for his 63 in the Review. I want to quote part of Jim's paragraph and ask how I can achieve "open for heat and closed for AC ( Full Recirc) by having no vacuum applied to either diaphragm ( Or either port of a 2- Port diaphragm, like you use on the plenum on the firewall under the hood). I don't use partial settings at all.

    The spring pulls the recirculating door closed ( full recirculation - no outside air) if no vacuum is on a diaphragm under the fan."

    It seems I'd be pulling off vacuum hoses and plugging up the diaphragms? When four or five things are going on at the same time and something is done the four or five things change functions. I cannot follow the drill. Any help is appreciated.


  5. 51 minutes ago, NTX5467 said:

    I've seen some "for sale" ads with that sort of thing.  When the owner had both sets of wheeles to do it with.



    Not a bad idea! I got the idea from my brother when I had a 65 Chevy impala. I had two different sets of hub caps for the Chevy. I was perplexed about how to use the hubcaps. Brother said put on set on each side of the car. No one will ever notice. He was right. The 65 went back to my Brother when I got a 73 Monte Carlo with a 350. The car was good looking, but I had to use for it for work doing outside sales and it go wore out quickly.

    I baby my Red Riviera but I do drive it when the road is dry and free of salt and sand. 



    52 minutes ago, NTX5467 said:

    I've seen some "for sale" ads with that sort of thing.  When the owner had both sets of wheels to do it with.



    s oft

    Red Riviera on South Lawn.jpg

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  6. On 2/15/2021 at 3:46 PM, NTX5467 said:

    Of course, with two sets of covers, you might play BOTH games, if desired.


    For fun I was thinking about putting two cast aluminum turbines on one side of the car front and back. On the other side of the car the spoke wire wheels With center cap front and back. Take a casual poll at a local car show and see what people liked or didn’t like. I bet most people would say it did not make any difference.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Pete Phillips said:

    I know what my opinion would be if I were judging the car.

    Pete, I would suspect you'd judge on what was original as the car off the production line.  Keeps it easier for all involved. One item is original and another item is not. Simple.

    Thank you


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  8. 51 minutes ago, NTX5467 said:

    Of course, with two sets of covers, you might play BOTH games, if desired.

    SIR, I appreciate your complete response. What you say was my guess because of simple fact. One item is original the other item might look "better" but still not original. The non BCA style judges award what they like. That's ok I'm in for fun and it is hard for judges to know what is factory correct on so many cars. Again thank you for the taking the time to help me out.


  9. I have  63 Buick zRiviera and had no mechanical or AC experience. The car came with AC but did not work. After many hours and attempts to diagnose the problems I decided to replace the entire system with original new. How hard could it be? There were several work arounds that took time along with several substitution parts. I had to get a couple of real mechanics in to do what I could not do. Bolt the evaporator box under the dash. Next find out why the system would not take a charge. After all was fixed I got cold air. All said and done I spent on parts, labor, R12, tools, as much or more than if I had an aftermarket system installed. I’m keeping the car and I need AC in high humidity months.

    Many very sharp gents on the forum helped me through the project. Too many to mention, but those that helped all knew their business.

  10. On 1/26/2021 at 10:25 PM, RivNut said:

    only if you haul it off.  It's sitting in the shop for another couple of months before it goes to the scrap metal guy.  The shop is in Merriam, KS, a part of the Kansas City, MO metro. Let me know

    Ed, I wonder the round trip cost from Lutherville Md out and back? It would be a fun trip for sure.

  11. The original 63 Buick zRiviera has wire wheel covers with trishield emblem. I decided to upgrade the wire wheel covers to wire spoked wheels with center cap assembly facsimile of the original. From a purist standpoint my upgrade is not original. In spirit and keeping with original design intent I think I’m consistent.



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  12. Gents, I’ve got a 63 that had the same problem. I fixed signal activation and canceling by adjusting the switch position on the mast in relation to the cable that connects the switch and the other end of the cable. My efforts did not require taking the mechanism at the steering a part. Hope this helps as part of the solution.

  13. On 1/28/2021 at 5:42 PM, Seafoam65 said:

    Has anyone ever done the switch themselves? My upholstery guy wants $1500 to remove and replace which includes adding some lap belts in the rear.

    I had a Clark’s set front, back, carpeting, package tray, and dash dyed, all new weather stripping, window fuzzies, windlace, door panels front and back by a local upholsterer. The fee was $2500. which I thought fair. $1500 sounds like an outstanding quote.

  14. On 1/29/2021 at 2:09 PM, gungeey said:

    it’s best to leave this one to the pros

    Gungeey, upholstery for me is harder than a rubic cube. I believe it has to do with a person’s ability to visualize how the pieces of the cover relate. I’m totally in the dark. Fitted bed sheets puzzle me. I had my 63 reupholstered by a local gent. I supplied all the goods from Clark’s and the job turned out good.


  15. On 1/29/2021 at 8:02 PM, 1965rivgs said:

      Thought about that too Ed but usually the opposite is true, ie, the original trans mount collapses...but anything can happen in 50 + years.

      The bottom relief in the fan shroud looks funky to me...and I`ve fielded many complaints about the aftermarket shrouds not fitting properly.



    aftermarket shrouds not fitting properly.
    Tom, I broke my original fan shroud when I was getting my 63 nailhead rebuilt. I bought a new fan shroud from CARS LLC. The new shroud did not fit, but some juxtaposition of fitment and newly drilled holes made it fit. BTW, I repaired my broken fan shroud with fiberglass and two part epoxy. Observations of my country friends and family on parts repair has paid off.

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