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  1. Rusty, My digging around brought up the same name that you mention with regard to F & S, however I agree with you about being doubtful that Abbott used a German made clutch. One of those things we will probably never know. So much stuff for so many makers was made by small shops all over.
  2. My 1910 Model 30 has the exact badge on it.
  3. I have a late 1910 / early 11 Model 30 Abbott with a continental engine. This car uses a wet clutch built in unit with the transmission, All the discs, drive and driven are steel with four pressure springs. The owners handbook states " To lubricate the clutch, use a pint of cylinder oil" also " Do not use kerosene in the clutch case" . I use the same in the transmission and one end of the clutch hub rides on a pilot on one of the transmission shafts so there probably is some seepage there. It drags when cold but after a little bit it works okay. Some period literature I have of the time (Motor
  4. WTB a decent gauge for the bottom of my presolite tank or at least a restorable one not necessarily functionable!
  5. i can not find Cheryl Vaughn in Willow Street or Paul Vaughn who owns or owned a Pullman car. My search found a phone number but a voice said there had been no Vaughns there for seven years. Anymore Thought? Giles
  6. On June 26 2014 There was a joint AACA/HCCA tour in the Lancaster, PA area. Saw this in Pre-war car magazine. There is a post by someone with a 1914 Model T and a picture of it crossing a stream. Also in the list of participating cars there is mentioned an Abbott Detroit. As the owner of one of these myself and due to their extreme scarcity I would like to try to locate that car and owner. If indeed in PA, I am in MD and would love to contact! Can anyone help? Giles
  7. Back in 2008 and 09 I put up a 92' x 46' with a 16' ceiling. That gave roughly 91' x 45' on the inside. You should take into account where the roofing joints are so the corner rake trim is over a ridge. I had a building supply co which does pole barn plans do up the materials list for me and that came to about 42,000. I had Amish put it up and that labor got close to 40,000 too! That may have included the loft over all those garage spaces. Used concrete posts in the ground with a bracket on top to set the posts on. Insulated doors, 6" studs in the walls and insulation in the walls and ceiling.
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