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  1. I just got back from the machine shop and had a chance to see the block. #4 cylinder is cracked where the broken connecting rod tried to escape. #6 cylinder has pieces broken off the bottom of the cylinder. The machinist says the cracked cylinder can be easily sleeved. The one with the chips at the bottom may not need a sleeve since the pistons are full skirted so won't wobble at the bottom of the stroke. If it does need a sleeve that can be done. Also, the main oil galley has one section bent and cracked where the broken rod made contact. They say the galley can be drilled oversize and a tube inserted and ported to match the galley. There are no other issues with the block. The heads are in good shape, just needs push rods and valves. The shop has done a number of 401s but this would be there first 425.
  2. The car is a Wildcat GS convertible. That's mainly why I'm interested in saving the 425. It's the original engine. If all the cracks can be reliably repaired I hope it would be worth saving. The shop where it's sitting seems experienced with these repairs but I'm trying to understand what I can expect from such a repair.
  3. I'm waiting for more details from the machine shop on Monday. It appears that the engine was not maintained well by a previous owner and probably driven very hard. There was at least one bent pushrod and there's a lot of sludge throughout. It was swapped out for a 401 so I'm trying to decide whether or not to sink $ into the 425 since it's the original engine, or stick with the 401.
  4. Thanks, Bill. I found a lot of online chatter about repairing a cylinder with a sleeve but for scored or pitted cylinder walls to deep to fix by boring. I didn't find any discussions about using a sleeve to repair a crack. Seems it should work but wondering about long term. Is the crack likely to continue to grow even with the sleeve in place?
  5. I have a 1966 Wildcat with a 425 which unfortunately was diagnosed with a cracked cylinder and oil journal. The shop is advising that the cylinder can be sleeved to fix the crack. Wondering if this is a recommended and reliable repair? I understand it is fairly common but will it hold up in a high compression engine like the 425?
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