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  1. Let me say I think your pull start idea is the right one. However on every HCCA weekend many cars start on the crank. Here's how, make sure you have spark retarded, set to fire after TDC from the battery and points, through the spark plug openings pour a tenth of a dram of gas into each cylinder, not too much, reinstall the plugs, then install the crank at the bottom of the stroke and lift, slow and steady. You do not have to spin the engine as if you are the starter motor, just compress the fuel and let the spark plug fire the charge and spin the motor. If you have spark at the right time, fuel and compression it will run. Just something to try while you wait for your friend with the tow strap. Hope all is well in Alabama, Gary
  2. I appreciate your comments concerning my leather fan belt and you are correct except I will have the car judged and do not want to give up the points. I am not overly ambitious and hopefully will earn a first junior and Century Club plate before we take the car touring. My wife and I are members of the Snappers as well as last year we participated in the Vintage Tour in Pa. and hope to go again in 2019 in Ontario.
  3. We used to have something called Front End Friday. Here is one I have been saving up, my 1915 McLaughlin chassis going to meet it's freshly painted touring body in the shop next door. A great day for me, enjoy. Gary
  4. 1915 McLaughlin touring as found in 2015 with the previous owner of nearly 50 years. Had not run or been on the road since 1991but as you can see a good project. One day last fall the chassis and body together again. I have to make a wiring harness, install a fuel line, have my local shoemaker sew me a fan belt, it's full of oil and coolant and RRR, RRR and RRR. Thanks for this thread, wish me luck, Gary
  5. Glad the problem has been found. Interesting thread since I am almost ready for my first start on a new restoration1915 McLaughlin and it will be my first experience with a stater/generator. Nervous. Gary
  6. If a car can be titled? (Ownership) why doesn't the present owner get the proper paperwork and sell his car with all correct and legal documents? Car is worth more and the current owner should have the easiest time with the DVM? Regards, Gary
  7. Thanks Mark for the explanation, I know the '12 Cadillac is outside the body, didn't know about yours. Seems like the mechanism travels through a hole in the frame? Gary
  8. Since no one mentioned the fact the gear lever is outside of the body and chassis frame and not Buick makes me wonder how it can even work? Is the main body wooden sill tunnelled through for the gear linkage? Regards, Gary
  9. Please consider having your work judged, it is worthwhile to you and the public. My wife and I live in quiet farming area so can easily and often drive as you suggest and though nice I would suggest meeting other car owners and forming lasting friendships could be the real prize. From participating in organized tours my wife and I have friends in NJ and know some of the folks who frequent these forums. I think of it as taking my car on vacation. Thanks again, Gary V
  10. With the finishing line in sight, congratulations. Did you mention what is next, how do you plan to use the car? Judging first then maybe a national tour, ice cream with the Mrs. or ...? I just ordered a wiring harness from Rhode Island because it is the company you suggested. Regards, Gary V
  11. Simon; The model 25 is a popular car in the hobby. The engine began in 1908 in the model 10 and was finally discontinued in 1915, it is well known and easy to restore, chev valves and modern pistons are available. I have a 1915 C25 being restored from a real good older restoration and no problems yet. Most people replace the original mag with a Bosch, other than that a good car. Nothing weird about the mechanics, straight ahead design. I wouldn't give an opinion on starting price, whatever it is will be too much considering the cost of nickel, paint and leather. Good luck. Gary
  12. Picture quality is poor but the '13 McLaughlin appears to be a model 40, someone should ask for the wheelbase? Regards, Gary
  13. Best of luck and the car is worthy of the effort. Much nicer starting place than many others, complete and unmolested. Gary
  14. You two, Phillipe and Bob make me sad, you are relaying an opinion written 50 years ago by George Damman in Seventy Years of Buick, without any definable new facts. The undisputed leader in style of those years is the 1938 Cadillac Sixty Special and you should please note, if you took the time to form your own opinion, the '39 copies the modern line of the Cadillac IMHO. The '40 Super even more. Gary
  15. Actually I know of a lovely '38 Century which I have been in many times. A fellow who has since passed on and the car resides with a son. That is the car I would go after if I had to have one and is likely the reason I settled on my '39. I love the ride, appearance, comfort and power of the Century. Contrary to public opinion the '39 is prettier with the waterfall grill and larger glass area IMO. Gary Van Dyken, signing off. All the best.
  16. There are thousands of cars for sale all of the time. It may be my imagination though it seems I hear of good deals all the time. For Instance there is a '40 Century sedan near me which I think could be had for $7500. Around the corner from my house a widow has half a dozen 60's English sports cars, all done up and ready for the road. I know of a Model F Buick sitting for over thirty years and a single cal Cadillac which is not for sale actively but I think I could be bought under the right scenario. Good luck, Gary
  17. I do not understand. If I wanted a certain car I would look at a proven tour ready car which has been photographed in the AACA magazine on tour or at a show. Ask around at a meeting of your peers and let it be known you are ready to purchase. Who you buy from is important. I bought a '39 Century last year from local fellow who had it for over twenty years. Nice car, running, few issues like it needs running board covers, should have a wiring harness, and has sealed beams, radio doesn't work, In black with side mounts, reupholstered nicely, $7500.00 seller was happy his car was going to a car guy he knew and I got a reasonable deal an hour away. Pretty easy. I have four antique cars and all come from people I know. My advise Phillip, happy hunting. Gary
  18. The Pierce Arrow Museum downtown Buffalo NY has Playboys cars on display. An interesting article with family history. Regards, Gary
  19. Gee, my '39 had turn signals from the factory, rear only. My '13 has hand signals. Since I am driving from the right side of the car my turn signal require me to say to the passenger to give me a left or a right , He or she complies. Self cancelling and I feel safe, without mishap so far Thanks for the tip concerning wire harnesses. Regards, Gary
  20. I should remind everyone Canadian fuel has the price of carbon credits added to the cost of fuel, so it may be closer to the actual cost of driving if one takes pollution into account. A whole other topic for discussion, Canada is a member of the Paris Climate Accord. Regards, Gary
  21. I fuelled up today at $121.9 per liter Canadian. Larry it seems to me it takes 3.78 lt per US Gallon and our dollar sells for about a 25% discount to yours. I'm just happy 87 octane gas is not in short supply. Gary
  22. I, meaning a mechanic, machinist, rebuilt my c25 axle using new bearings and seals. I have a list of the bearing numbers he used, you are welcome to them. I can also give you his contact info, though his wife is currently ill. Regards, Gary
  23. I must stop visiting your report. I'm mad at my wife for harping at me all of the time " Why can't you be more like Gary W?' Now I must shed my scruffy t shirts and thread bare sweaters though you must help me with advise how to stay clean please. First helping the kids fix their dad's Buick, then shovelling the whole driveway and piling the snow up and a lovely and quick restoration. I'm tired. Tongue firmly in cheek, I remain. Gary V
  24. I agree and have noticed mid sized cars are in the minority probably because of the reasons sighted. Parts are easily accessible for Fords, great comfort in the large cars but the mid sized, parts are an issue and they are not much larger than a Ford, so why get one. I drive a Buick and like it, the Buick is a good car. On a recent 800 mile tour with 22 cars there were 6 Locomobiles and just 2 Buicks, a White and many Fords. I acquired my Buick because I wanted more car than a Ford and it was really just a bit more expensive. Regards, Gary
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