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  1. Thanks for taking us all on your journey and congratulations. Enjoyed the trip, Gary
  2. Tail lamp Tuesday. Found this pleasing photo of our 1913 Buick model 31, on tour, before the Old Car Festival in Michigan. Maybe Autumn Buicks because it was September. Regards, Gary
  3. Thank you for the report and photos. I hang out on the Buick forums though this DB thread gets my attention, you DB fellows always have interesting cars, problems and camaraderie. If I could ever find a Victory Six roadster my heart would sing, lovely looking cars. Regards, Gary
  4. I have a complete windshield for a Metz hanging on a nail, original and unrestored, looking for a new home, like the one in the photo. Located in Ontario about an hour east of Detroit. Gary
  5. I am a member of Snappers as well. I think 28 Pontiac is looking for single day car shows where he can sit in a lawn chair behind his 20's car and interact with like minded owners and the public. I'm with you, Tom, these cars are total enjoyment on the road rumbling along with friends. Other than what has been talked about I do not know of any stationary shows and Mr 28 Pontiac will be disappointed. Gary I nearly forgot, what about Auburn, In in the spring. Certainly a wonderful show where you could have the Pontiac judged or display only. A great reason too belong to the AACA, too
  6. I do not mean to rain on your car show except to say I feel you have the wrong car. I saw you at the Windsor cruise night last August ( I drove my '39 Buick Century about an hour to be there) and were there any other cars like yours, which were not hot rods? The kind of car show you are looking for was common 30 years ago, lucky for you there is the Old Car Festival and Gilmore Pre War days near where you live. My wife and I attended both with our 1913 Buick and those shows come closest to your desires in todays environment. Our cars are for touring with our car friends, at 30 MPH, we have car shows nearby but we rarely go. The few we do, I win an award, let dads take kids pictures in the car, teach kids to squeeze the bulb horn to make a squawk, stop for ice cream on the drive home. Its a good day because we make it one. I sold a '29 Chevrolet recently to a fellow who was in a group of 6 friends who drive twenties car for enjoyment. Hopefully you can find or invent your own club and travel together to car shows in twenties cars too. Regards, Gary
  7. In a related matter, I have a car for sale on these forums. I have received three phone text messages from a different numbers each time with the exact same words " still available, Call me". I did not respond, has to be a scam just don't know how or why? Regards, Gary
  8. Larry; The two hood clamps look just right. Mine are red painted now but will be stripped and sprayed black. Thanks, Gary
  9. I am missing a couple of hood clamps as pictured to complete the restoration of a 1915 McLaughlin ( Canadian Buick) model 25. I would accept two which are similar or even a set of four of the correct size. Overall 4 1/2" long and 1/2" barrel diameter, hooks unscrew and are nickel plated. Anything, check your spare parts please? Regards, Gary
  10. For taillamp Tuesday I cannot wait, it is raining cats and dogs in Southern Ontario, the remnants of Hurricane Florence. I've painted the rear parts for my 1915 McLaughlin touring car and this is the first fitting. Next my local shoemaker will duplicate the leather belts and the paint will get polished this winter. The front fenders are in final epoxy primer and the headlamp rims are still at the platers. So far I've painted everything in my home workshop, not the best painter except to say I have time to work out the details and I make up for my failings by employing the best tools and materials available. Regards, Gary
  11. Todays Daily Dose of Buick is from the summer past, a friend was looking to purchase one of these two 1940 Buicks and since I seem to be the local Buick guy I was invited to participate. The picture I snapped through the fence reminded me of my youth when cars were stored in alleys and boys riding bikes would dream of the day when he would learn to drive. The black car is a Century and the blue a Super so no parts interchange. My friend decided not to buy and I do not know the outcome of these cars, I have a phone number if interested. Enjoy, Gary
  12. AACA Vintage Tour, Kingston, On August 2019 as advertised. I'm going. Regards, Gary
  13. Brice; Even though the brake bands look very usable I believe they are asbestos and dangerous to health. You can get them relined at frictions shops locally with superior and safer modern linings. I had two brake bands and two parking brake bands relined for about 350.00 Canadian including tax which would be a bit over $200 in your money. Best of luck, Gary
  14. Hey Brian, sorry we missed you, Saturday was a busy day for us, pass in review and we had company. I did see this Buick driving around quite often and I thought of our friend Lawrence. Regards, Gary
  15. New price $15,500 or best offer. Cleaned gas tank and added new sender, all gauges function. Driven 1,000 miles this summer without incident. Gary
  16. I took some photos of children and cars at the Old Car Festival ( OCF ) to prove if you get kids into and driving your old cars they will stay involved. The first photo is at a High School we stopped at during the Lansing to Dearborn Endurance Run, the car is an '08 Northern. The second is a young lady driving her grandfather's Columbus at the OCF. The third is not a kid but the fellow on the right is attending his 62nd OCF in a row with his dad's 1920 Overland, pretty good investment, 62 years and just two payments remaining. Finally mom taking her daughter of a drive in her Hupmobile. There were hundreds of photo opportunities of children dressing in period costumes and enjoying the antique car hobby. Long live the OCF. Regards, Gary
  17. As part of the Old Car Festival in Michigan is the Lansing to Dearborn Endurance Run, as you can imagine Buicks are very popular in this event for one and two cylinder cars. This year these three, a Model G and two F's were successful. In the first photo a G had trouble starting and a " riding mechanic" is making adjustments before the return trip to Dearborn, He made it but with a little difficulty. The second photo is taken at one of the stops and is the beauty picture. And finally a stop at a High School showing the students ancient motoring. As you can see these are working machines, 200 miles round trip. Regards, Gary
  18. Bev and I attended the Old Car Festival ( OCF ) for our twentieth year with this 1913 Buick model 31. Since the OCF is not a static display we gave rides including leaving the park, driving on Dearborn streets and re-entering the park via different entrance, by the back workshops. With parents permission I must have had a dozen children learn how to crank start an engine, they were all successful. I have the car in such a high state of tune it will start on a quarter turn and the impulser means if the kids can turn the engine it will start. The engine has never. ever kicked back. Great weather ending with showers late in the afternoon Sunday and huge public crowds. I should mention the OCF had 4 Model K Fords and 8 Sears high wheelers too. Regards, Gary
  19. You are correct, please leave our cars in Canada. There are more cars in Florida than in all of Canada, look there. Tongue pressed firmly into cheek, Gary
  20. I have a '39 Century and the shocks have a hard time keeping 2 tons and 18 feet of car in check. It is a soft ride. The expensive to repair things are running board mats, not available except custom work, and the plastic steering wheel cracks. Also ask or look if the wiring harness has been changed, it will need to be. The Century is the best of the prewar sedans, except for maybe the '38 Cadillac Sixty Special. Make your best deal on it, good looking car in your town which runs and drives. The early 1939 cars had short frames, which Buick fixed with an extension, the later cars had full frames. You want the full frame. Regards, Gary
  21. My wife's favourite event, if we went just one place this would have to be it. Look us up in the Ragtime Fair display Sunday. Regards, Gary
  22. Doug; You know I encourage you to get the Overland on the road, anything I can do to help? A newly restored 1928 Plymouth won Best of Show at Heritage Village yesterday. Best of times to Cindy; Gary
  23. Why bother modifying a car at all. For instance, go to your local Ford dealer, buy a new Mustang, it will be better in every way to anything Ford built in their past and better than anything you could invent yourself. I was at a car show yesterday and there were newer cars on display being shown and talked about. I think if you want to do the work yourself and enjoy time in the workshop that is great. Gary
  24. Agreed, one the best. For those in and around Mich. a smaller event is the Lansing to Dearborn Endurance run (LDR), 36 cars this year. Thursday, Sept 6 we depart from Greenfield Village in Dearborn, drive 100 miles to Lansing, stay over and return Friday. Followed by the Old Car Festival. around 800 pre-1932 vehicles Saturday and Sunday at the Henry Ford Greenfield Village. Many of the cars from Minn. will be in Mi., including the '07 Darracq. pictured in the story in the link. Regards, Gary
  25. I broke a valve cage and had to have one made. I could not get it out during an engine rebuild then I brought the cylinder to the engine shop where he soaked it in his hot tank and then tried to press it out when it broke. A friend of mine made me a new one from cast iron, fitted all of the cages with stainless steel valves he modified from a Ford diesel, cut off the old guides and pressed in new ones. That was 5 years ago and the valve job is working well. A retired machinist friend made me new brass rings ( also suggested copper would be a good replacement because it is more pliable), trued up the clamping rings by cleaning up the cutouts where they have been hammered for years and made me a tool to install the clamping rings. In the photo is the driver, three new rings and some old rings and original valves. In the second photo are the original front wheel bearings, I outfitted the axle with new seals and roller bearings for reliability but that is another story. Regards, Gary
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