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  1. You might give Queen's University a try for original literature, they house the archive for McLaughlin. My friend and I both received sales brouchures for our McLaughlin cars, scanned from their records, sent by email to us and then I had it professionally printed. Regards, Gary
  2. Registration forms were released this past weekend and Bev and I are presently hunting venues and service providers to host an interesting Pre '16 five days of driving around Kent County. Please feel free to contact me if you are able to come to Chatham, On the week starting Sept 19th for a tour we call Hidden Hills. Today we planned a route we are calling nature day and I snapped a few photos. By the way I had our street outside of our house resurfaced, nothing but the best will do. Stay well, Gary
  3. Our 1915 McLaughlin is nearly finished and I have been driving the car around my neighbourhood getting used to the clutch and transmission and making adjustments to the carburetor and brakes. This afternoon I invited my wife for a ride and she is always amused by the spinner in the oil sight gauge. Notice the push/pull knobs on the switch are solid brass so I polished them instead of painting them black. Regards, Gary
  4. An interesting item I noticed in comparing the photos of the 1916 car and the 1922 one is Terry's car has no door checks and Mark's does. My 1915 had no door checks either and I added them, an example of over restored. My 1915 is painted over upholstered front seat bottom as well. My car was reupholstered in the 60's so I cannot add a comment to originality. Best of luck with your jobs, Gary
  5. Yesterday the Canadian Prime Minister announced the US/Canada international border is expected to re open in mid August to fully vaccinated, non essential travel. For Bev and I it is the declaration we have been waiting for which will allow us to host the Snapper's Brass and Gas touring region the week starting Sept 19th in Chatham On. Full steam ahead. In five days of touring Kent County we will visit, RM/Sotheby's, firetruck collections, scenic drives by rivers and lakes, eat catered lunches, hike in the woods and generally enjoy ourselves. All the days are set out, we have two months to map the routes, finalize the meals, print a comprehensive touring book and register the guests. The last photo is a 1923 Gray Dort taken at the location of the factory when the car was built in Chatham. Bev and Gary
  6. Bob and all: I hope you have a wonderful tour in a pretty location, please post some photos, for those of us who are missing it. Good luck and stay safe, Gary
  7. Progress photos from the 1915 McLaughlin. First shot is the cover I made when I had a 1929 Chevrolet, car is in Quebec and the remaining thin cover fits my McL. The second is the car nearing its restoration completion and then the finished electrical switch and dashboard. The next two are the body numbers of my 1913 Buick stamped into many places in the woodwork, 5551 and shows the Buick has always been a car and not made together from garage sweepings. The next number 14715 is the job number for the McLaughlin, interesting the cars serial number also is stamped in the wood of the front seat riser. I know the McLaughlin's history from when it was new. Bev and I applied to attend the Old Car Festival in Dearborn, Mi after Labour Day. We live in hope. Stay well, Gary
  8. Happy Independence Day to our American cousins, Canada Day was subdued. I was sorry to miss the AACA Auburn show this weekend though I have been busy. I had my painter friend come over and respray the single stage poly paint on the black fenders and bonnet. He laid on a beautiful smooth coat which will require only a light polish. The last picture is a farm scene along our walking path. Next week Bev and I resume organizing the Snapper's pre '16 tour in September in Chatham, Ontario. Stay well, get vaccinated, so our governments can safely open the international border. Gary
  9. Allow me to relate two tales which to me says the BCA does not care for early cars. One weekend in the 90's the McLaughlin Buick club was coming to my town for a tour. The fellow organizing the event invited me along even though I was not a member. When my wife and I arrived driving our 1913 Buick for the 32 miles trip to the next town the club President told me to park over there and he would take us. My 1915 McLaughlin was purchased from an ad, to me it means no club member would buy the car, even from a club Director who owned the car nearly fifty years. A Canadian production Buick with a known history from new and unloved by the club. When I drove Chevys I was a 25 year member of the VCCA, 25 years also in the HCCA and now 10 in the ACCA. I've been known to say the BCA only like Roadmasters and Skylarks. One day a fellow was telling me he was coming back from a trip the Pierce Arrow Society with his beautiful '13 Model 48 and I commented the people must have loved his car, he surprised me saying no, they like the chrome cars. I do not know if that is true just another story I relate. Respectfully submitted, my opinion, Gary
  10. I hope the Auburn/Buick meet is a smashing success and I am very sorry to miss it. On the other hand I understand the measures are needed to control the Corona Virus, however, the US/Canada border must be open for us to attend the Old Car Festival by September. The car I planned to bring to Auburn was my newly restored 1915 McLaughlin, it is not finished yet, maybe in next month. Be careful, Gary
  11. We have an upholsterer, Pat, who is doing a first class job of installing the leather diamond tufted seatbacks. We work together a few hours during the afternoon on the McLaughlin in my garage after he finishes his day job. Although he made the patterns and sewed them together at his home. The first photo is the rear seatback stretched out on a frame with two rows of buttons installed which form the diamond shapes. Then the front seatback stuffed with horsehair and nailed into the waiting car. The final photo are a '48 Chevy and '41 Ford a local horse owner added to his fence row. Stay well, Gary
  12. Driving our 1913 Buick on tour with a group of friends for the first time since last September. Owen Sound, On is the home base for the weekend, finished the top job yesterday and the car is running well. BBQ at the host's home this evening and a 50 mile drive with a picnic Sunday. Stay well, Bev and Gary
  13. The owner and Packard live an hour from RM Sotheby's head office, likely the largest retailer of antique cars in the world. I have an interesting car which I have offered to some friends without any takers, when my time comes to sell the car it will be offered by RM. I am not having the public coming to my house from a Kijiji ad, run down my pride and joy to try to get a lower price, and deal with the banks. Good luck with your sale, Gary
  14. David Coco has helped me with advice when I sewed and installed a top for my 1915 McLaughlin last year. Last week he took a phone call from my upholsterer concerning diamond tufting. Thanks. Doug Ives I met on these forums and visit with regularly at events. Peter McIntyre repaired a crack in a windshield frame last week, gratis. Larry Schramm has the same car as me and we talk often. Thanks all, stay well, Gary
  15. Today I installed an inline fuse, two junction blocks and the 16ga wiring to light up my dormant lanterns. I plan to use the four terminal junction block mounted under the front floor as the battery recharging point and all the wires are carried in stainless steel conduit. Ford Model T supplied the lamp switch mount on the dash board. Stay well, get vaccinated, sorry to hear Cadillac Carl passed away, Gary
  16. Top is on my 1913 Buick Model 31, must make some adjustments and trim the excess material tomorrow, add the hidem gimp on the first and last bow. Tada. Friday we are away with a small group of old car friends for the weekend. Regards, Gary
  17. Five years ago I purchased this 1939 Century with an older repaint and recent interior with 80,000 miles in Canada for about $6500. USD. Regards, Gary
  18. Today, Saturday, I removed my old hidem gimp and replaced it with a low luster new length along the rear backrest. I fabricated the rear wings and installed them ready for my back curtain tomorrow. The windshield baffle is the final piece before the car has to be good to go Friday. My new windshield hinge is still at the platers, supposed to be finished today. Regards, Gary
  19. To me it is always a red letter day when I successfully sew the main deck and side panels together, with help from my wife we did it. She lifted and supported the 8' 8" of Stayfast and I guided it under the needle, four seams. Stay well, Gary
  20. Maybe such as most things the preparation work is 95% of the job, well, my prep work for the new top for the '13 is completed today. The photos show the top pads which are comprised of three layers of stout canvas and four layers of Stayfast topping material, nailed to the wooden bows with 5/8ths" tacks . The second shows the first piece of Stayfast, black on black, the main deck and the third shows my top straps, two layers of canvas and three Stayfast. I installed the front to back center strap which fits my definition of over restored because I like it. The extra strap looks like someone cares to me. Stay well, Bev and I are getting our second vaccine injection Monday, Gary
  21. Finished sewing the top pads this afternoon and sewed a center strap, too. I took an hour to fit the bakelite parts and bulbs I purchased earlier from Restoration Supply in Ca to light up my lanterns. Success, fitting the old connectors with the new parts, a bit of filing and sanding. I bought a new 12V 9AH lead acid battery from Amazon which even fits the original wooden battery box. Tomorrow, back on upholstery, Gary
  22. Busy month at home with a Buick and a McLaughlin to keep me out of mischief. The 1913 top is standing on it's own and ready for top pads and recovering. Pat is installing buttons and horse hair into the seat backs of the McLaughlin. I am getting the one year only 1913 lanterns to light up with 12 volts, I finally repaired a broken lens in one of the lamps and I discovered the lens frame is nickel plated, so I stripped off the black paint. Bev and I have been invited to a small gathering of friends the third weekend in June. Stay well, Gary
  23. Pat has finished sewing the diamond tufted seat backs for the front and rear seats of the 1915 McLaughlin. We expect to stuff them, add the buttons, and install the new soft leather into the car on Monday afternoon. Progress, have nowhere to go though, a friend is finishing his 1913 Twombly and we are planning to have a do in July and call it the "Two New Car Tour". Regards, Gary
  24. Last fall we had an Autocrat on tour and the only photo I have which shows double running boards is this group shot. The Autocrat is parked near the center of the line. Gary
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