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  1. Big Thanks for ALL of the input!
  2. Greetings from NYC, I am trying to find the value of a 1933 Buick Model 90. I just found out that this car has been sitting in a garage down the block for approximately 40 years. I am helping out the lady who owns it; it was her fathers' car. She has no idea of what the car may be worth. She would like to get rid of it. I figured somebody on here may have an 'expert' opinion. It does need an interior. Any input is appreciated. Feel free to call me at (718)445-3043 if you like.
  3. Greetings from NYC. I am trying to help a neighbor out with valuing her 1933 Buick 90. It was her fathers' car and has been sitting for approximately 40 years. I don't know much about these Buicks. She reached out in hopes of finding out what it may be worth. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to call me at (718)445-3043.
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