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  1. are these being sold privately or auction?
  2. I have recently completed fabrication of a Grolan gas tank float assembly for my 1927 433 packard, After several months of searching for one with no luck I decided to fabricate my own. Its made of stainless steel and should out last any current car owner. Im open to any other specialty fabrication needs and would love to hear from any who is in need of such services. Thanks Barry 336-516-7009
  3. Im looking to buy a bijou oiler reservoir for my 27 433 packard limo if any one can help please let me know Barry Lowe 336-516-7009
  4. I've contacted a private detective and I am trying to work through that avenue to get information rest of sure I will pursue this as far as possible
  5. Yes very true I just hope these posts will educate others without the cost I've incurred.
  6. I had sent 300 dollars originally a few days begire I found out, then I wired 2300 for some axles thank goodness money gram flagged the final 950.00 that was all I got back.... Im out 2,600.00 dollars. A hard lesson to learn. Ive hired a pi to look into it, not sure if I'll find much. Barry 336-516-7009
  7. as sad as I am to say this I now need to expose the second person who has scammed me out of money with no parts coming my way. Unfortunately for me These both happened in tandem and I didn't understand the signs of a scammer. The second scammer is call John Taylor his email is He also contacted me thru this email after I posted my need for parts for my cars. He even today refuses to refund my money or send me my parts, he like the other scammer wanted his money thru money gram, (actually Money gram is the one that alerted me to the fact that John Taylor was a scammer and has scammed others and has been reported to money gram) I just thought everyone here should know about this thief and his methods. Thank you Barry Lowe 336-516-7009
  8. Im looking for 2 or more ST5 zenith updraft carbs for my 26 Hudson super six, seems they have a bad habit of splitting. I am open to any information regarding these and other hudson engine parts Thanks Barry 336-516-7009
  9. Here are a a few pics of my limo from last weekend in pinehurst, she took first in our division
  10. they asked to send it money gram, from now on that is the first red flag for sure.
  11. yes good point, I have asked for pics of the parts as well
  12. Thank you ! i do realize that now, I hope others will read this as well.
  13. well both of these guys told me their pay pal accounts weren't working so they wanted to use money gram, so for me that is the key thing Ill be looking for. I look back now and realize that lt was all a bit to good to be true I guess....
  14. He emailed me from his personal email, "" I assume he got it off my profile on the site, I don't list it on my messages. Luckily Im only out 300.00 dollars and I was able to find a post about him on a mustang parts site telling that he was a scammer and never sent parts to multiple people there. He says he's from Timberlake, NC but there is no home at the address he gave me. Unfortunately for me I have a second person that I also believe to be doing the same thing, I was notified today by money gram and they saved me from losing 950.00, I won't post his name until i know for sure, but I'm pretty confident he's doing the same thing. I appreciate your response and maybe you can locate him by this email address, he goes by the name of John Stigall. Thanks Barry
  15. One of the scammers is: John Stigall from timberlake, NC he uses a phone number 336-365-5405 He is fake he is not real He is listed on a mustang site as a scammer as well, I would hope that whomever runs this site would ban him from acces if at all possible. Thanks Barry Lowe 336-516-7009
  16. It appears that I have run into a couple scam suppliers either from this site or the Packard info site, these two suppliers have emailed me after seeing my post on one or both of these sites. I hesitate to name them at this time but will in the next few days once its verified. Id appreciate any input from the members regarding this and any ways to limit this from happening. I will post names later Thanks Barry 336-516-7009
  17. The one on my car looks great on the outside, but I would like to make sure the internals are working as they should. I think you are correct, they are almost nonexistant.
  18. I have a 1926 433 Seven passenger limo with a skinner oil rectifier and I would like to buy one or find any pertinent information regarding the maintenance, repair and operation of these rectifiers. Thanks for your help Barry Lowe 336-516-7009
  19. What you suggest was definitely my first choice and I believe if I knew where to find these alternate ring gears I would go that route. Csn you point me in acertain direction to purchase these parts? I appreciate your feed back, I'm doing my best to learn and understand the best ways to do things barry
  20. thanks Matt, I appreciate your candid response, Ill do a search for the Gear vendors and see what I can find. I have a 26 as well that id like to do this to it as well. Im very happy tooling around at 45, but Id love to hear the engine scream a bit less. Thanks for your input, Its great to have those like you willing to share what you have learned. Barry
  21. That sounds like a very good plan to follow as well. Mine too is a four speed so I will surely look in to the overdrive option, do you happen to have part numbers or other info for this overdrive set up? I looked at mine this morning and here are all the numbers I can find on it. "140436-12-61-Packard 0 30 577" Not sure what these numbers mean, but hopefully they will mean something to those knowledgeable enough in these matters. Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it Barry