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  1. This is a very good and helpful answer which I will pass on to my dad, who hath more knowledge than little old me. I will make sure it gets done right. Thank you!
  2. I don't think we removed the draincock altogether, I only opened the spigots on both. Unfortunately, while I purchased a flush kit, I haven't had time to flush it as I've been in the process of purchasing a car for myself (not another classic, unfortunately, just a get-around). I'm also now away on business so I'll have to ask my dad to flush it and report back. Luckily, if the head gasket is blown, it's not too expensive (only $40). That's all I know at the moment.
  3. Alright, so here's where things are at: yesterday (Friday) I bought a flush kit and checked the spigots on the radiator and the block. The radiator emptied out just fine, but the block had almost nothing, barely drops. Today (Saturday) I will be busy for much of the day but I may get a chance to work in it, at which point I'm going to flush it, rad and block, in reverse direction. This is the procedure as described in the body manual. I'll let y'all know wherr it's at to-night or tomorrow (if nothing happens to-night) and we will see from there. Also, I have that catalog coming in the mail, should be here Monday.
  4. Yeah I was a bit uneducated on that one. Another look at the engine proved me wrong. I'll have to try that one when I get home later, although according to my dad, water is circulating. I've got to hesd off to work in a couple minutes so I'll have to do it when I get home.
  5. The only belt turns the fan, generator, and water pump. The fan is synced up with the engine and the generator is working, leading my father and I to believe that the belt is not the issue. Also, the manual we have is stock.
  6. No belt cause it's too old to have one, there isnt a single belt in the whole thing but for the fan. That same belt drives the water pump and generator, and the fan and generator seem to be working fine. I've got both the '41-'42 shop manual and the '46-'47 supplement (together they make the shop manual for the '47). Both of these, manual snd supplement, are like they rolled out of a 1947 printing press, typed on a typewriter. They are factory, I assure you. Here's a picture of the only belt in the engine, and what appears to be the water pump. The generator is on the other sjde. The picture is attached.
  7. Honestly, I haven't really had a look at it, I've been going off what my dad has been telling me, as he is more knowledgeable about these things than I. I will ask him to double check, I think it's just a hunch. I'll direct him to that link though, it looks really promising! Thanks! -J
  8. So it looks like there isn't actually a belt at all; there are no belts in this whatsoever. Also, of taken the thermostat out awhile ago so that isn't it. Radiator is clean. I'm thinking it's a blown head gasket. There is a tube perforated with holes that the water runs into in the block. Some of these holes have become clogged, and as a result the water isn't circulating. Problem is, there isn't anywhere that I can find a head gasket for it, there just don't make them anymore. Any ideas?
  9. Is the loose belt the cause of the spitting water every time I turn it off? I'll look into the thermostat and the radiator definitely needs a clean. I flushed it once a couple year back and this is the first time it's been driven since then, although I HAVE run it since.
  10. Hello all, First post here, but I looked at some other topics and couldn't find what I needed, so here I am. I've got a '47 Pontiac Torpedo that I've had for about 6 years, putting work into it when I could, and recently I've gotten it to be driveable (not legal, mind you; I've got the plate and reg but it's not inspected/inspectable quite yet). Anyway, I decided to take her for her maiden voyage a couple miles down the road to the ice cream place and back (yeah, I know, illegal, so sue me). It's probably a total of 4 miles, if that. She did beautifully on the way there, and when I arrived she spit a little steam from the grille and a little water from the overflow on the radiator (which it seems to be doing every time I turn it off after it's run for more than 10 minutes). I was proud that it'd made its way to the ice cream spot uneventfully. I spent probably 15-20 minutes there before heading home. As i pulled into my driveway, I observed the temperature gauge (which appears to work!) and it read almost 220 (which is the hottest number on the gauge). As I stopped for a moment in the driveway, the water again pooled under her from the overflow tube. At this point, steam was abundantly flowing from the grille and a bit from the wheel wells. By the time I got it to the garage, steam was flowing hot and steady from the grille, the seams between the hood and front end, from under the wheel wells, anywhere that had contact with the engine compartment. The pull into the garage was slow (because of an odd angle) and because of that I was able to witness that the leaking hot water from the overflow was steady and the slower I moved, the faster it pooled on the ground. I popped the hood and the steam was definitely abundant, and I could hear the radiator boiling over. I felt the engine block and it was definitely hotter than it was supposed to be. All in all I lost a lot of water and I'm lucky I made it back; any longer of a drive and it would've overheated. The only thing I know it needs in terms of engine is, at the moment, an oil change. She has oil that's blacker than night, but the level is OK. My purpose here today is to ask, does anyone know what might've caused it to overheat so quickly? I feel like the water level was fine, but it doesn't matter if I fill it up, because excess flows out from the overflow valve after I turn it off. It has a 50/50 mix of water and coolant and has since I've owned it. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks! -J